Death toll has risen to 19745 and total cases 439353

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COVID-19 is spreading rapidly across the world. The number of coronavirus cases and deaths in rapidly increasing day by day. So, far 19000 deaths have been reported around the world and almost 4, 39,353 infected with this deadly global pandemic.

Due to the rapid increase in the number of deaths and cases worldwide including, the risk of the coronavirus spread is increasing day by day. According to John Hawkins University data, 19,745 people have been died due to coronavirus. While the infected persons have reached 4, 39,353.

Deaths and New Cases in Italy and Spain:

Due to Coronavirus Once again 743 people died in Italy in one day. The death toll due to Coronavirus surpasses 6820 in Italy and total cases have risen to 69176.

In Spain, the number of deaths from the virus is increasing day by day, and the death toll is higher than in China. A total of 738 deaths were confirmed in Spain last day, bringing the death toll to 3,434 now.

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The virus killed 3,163 people in China. Hundreds of people are infected with the virus every hour in Spain, so far the number of viruses affected has risen to more than 47,000.

Emergency Enforcement Expected in Thailand:

With new 107 coronavirus cases, the total cases of coronavirus have risen to 934 in Thailand. After the lockdown announcement in Thailand, 60,000 plus foreigners in Thailand have made their way to their respective countries. The lockdown is expected to apply from Thursday.

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According to Thai Interior Ministry authorities, all shopping malls, businesses, schools, and colleges are closed in Thailand and the government advises people to stay at home. Thailand has also closed all of its borders and more than 60,000 foreigners returned to their homes on Tuesday before the lockdown.

Lockdown in India:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced lockdown in India for 21 days. Modi has appealed to citizens to stay at home. In his address on TV, the India PM announced the complete lockdown in India for 21 days from Tuesday.

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PM Modi has announced the lockdown after the 10 deaths in the country. He also announced a package of $2 billion for the health system. India has banned the export of malaria and drugs made with such combination.

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So far no drug or vaccine has been invented for the coronavirus and various drugs are under trial, one of which is malaria hydroxy chloride, which is considered a potential cure.

Early Elections in Singapore:

Singapore has announced the pre-election in the current crisis situation. Elections that have to hold after one year. This decision has increased the thread of the spread of coronavirus in Thailand.

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Elections in Singapore are scheduled to take place in early 2021, but taking into account the risks posed by the Coronavirus, the ministers say political leadership is needed in the country, so premature elections are needed.

New Cases in Germany and South Africa:

With new 4191 cases in Germany, the total cases have risen to 31000 in Germany. 36 deaths have been reported in Germany due to which the death toll has risen to 149.

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Coronavirus cases are increasing rapidly in South Africa. South Africa reports 155 new cases and the total coronavirus cases have risen to 709 in South Africa.

The US $2000 Billion Aid Package Approved:

Meanwhile, the US has approved a $ 2,000 billion aid package to help prevent Coronavirus, as well as support the health department, as well as businesses and economies affected by the virus. After several days of debate in the White House and the Senate, a deal has finally been reached with regard to this relief package.

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At the request of President Donald Trump, South Korea has promised to provide medical equipment to the United States immediately. The US has become the third-largest country infected with the virus and experts have expressed concern that the US could become the new center of the virus.

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President Trump called on 23-minute South Korean president Moon Jae-in, in which the two leaders agreed that the United States would provide food items. While South Korea will provide medical devices and essential medial products to the USA.

South Korea:

South Korea reports 100 new cases. The total cases in South Korea have risen to 9137.

Expansion in Lockdown in Malaysia:

Prime Minister of Malaysia has announced the expansion in lockdown in-country by two more weeks since March 18. PM Muhyiddin Yassin speaking on national TV says that 172 more cases have been reported in-country and the total cases have risen to 1796. He assured the citizens that we have a large stock of food items so that do not have to worry. He advises people to stay at home.

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$1000 Fine on Breach of Ban in Australia:

Lockdown is counties in Australia. In New South Wales, the government is imposing 1000 Australian Dollars fine on the violation. Australia reports new 211 Coronavirus cases and the total cases in Australia have surpassed 1000.

One Month Lockdown in New Zealand:

New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Arden has announced the implementation of the emergency, following which the country has a strong possibility of a month’s lockdown. New Zealand reports 205 Coronavirus cases. But Jacinda Arden says that the number could reach thousands in no time.

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She said that’ we have to make no mistake. This deadly virus can create a worse situation in the Country. We have to do hard work to stop the spread of this deadly outbreak.

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