How to protect yourself from the coronavirus

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The Coronavirus has set its sights on the world. Within a few days, the virus has become a rage and broken. According to the president of China, the Coronavirus is a “devil”, the devil has to fight the whole world. Virus lung disease and its infection can prove fatal.

In the past two weeks, the ‘Coronavirus’ has swallowed up 132 people in China, while more than 4,500 people are currently infected in China. Health alerts have been issued around the world. Chinese travelers coming and going are being screened at airports. Several countries have canceled flights to and from China.

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The World Health Organization has termed the spread of the ‘Coronavirus’ as a medical emergency and has taken precautionary measures to prevent its spread. The world had been plagued with similar viruses before, including dengue viruses, wind flu viruses, bird flu, and SARS but their devastation was not the same as “Corona” but “Corona Virus”. Shook the whole world.

Despite such advances and advances in medical science, there is no definitive protocol for the treatment of viral infections and no specific vaccine is available. As a result, the number of deaths due to the virus is high. Countries affiliated with China are also affected by the virus.

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In Australia, Taiwan, Nepal, Japan, Thailand, South Korea, but also in the US, cases of Coronavirus have been reported. Many Chinese engineers and workers are working on various national projects in Pakistan, so a high alert has also been issued in Pakistan.

Following the reports of the ‘Coronavirus’, Chinese residents working on the Orange Line train and other projects have been barred from work and restricted to their residences until the screening. The National Institutes of Health has also issued a health advisory on the ‘Coronavirus’. Civil Aviation Authority has set up health counters at various airports in this regard.

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Separate isolation wards have been set up in different hospitals. The team will arrive in Pakistan today to diagnose the ‘Coronavirus’ from China for the diagnosis of the disease.

What is the Corona Virus?

When did the disease begin?

How does Coronavirus infection spread?

What steps are needed to prevent it?

How to protect yourself from coronavirus?

  1. Wash your hands with soap or use a hand sanitizer that contains alcohol.
  2. Sneeze and cough into tissues or the crook of your elbow. …
  3. Avoid close contact with people who are sick, especially people exhibiting respiratory symptoms and fever.
  4. Stay home when you’re sick.

All these questions are being answered in this article to guide the public. Coronavirus sufferers have symptoms of colds, sore throats, headaches and fever; the body feels tired, the nose is constantly flowing. Lungs are affected if an infection is high. The most dangerous is the moment when the infection is caused by pneumonia. It causes severe infections in the lungs, difficulty in breathing, high fever, such as needing immediate hospital treatment. When the infection is high, the breath is stopped and artificial respiration is required. Obviously, in this case, it becomes a medical emergency. If the infection spreads, the breath stops, and death can occur within a few hours.

All symptoms of coronavirus disease are similar to pneumonia. The outbreak of the disease began in December 2019 in the cities of Hubei Province, China, where 132 people have lost their lives so far. One person was also reported dead in Beijing. There has also been a death in India. Thousands of people have been affected by this. Over 9,000 suspected cases are being reviewed. More than 500 Pakistani students are studying in different universities in Hubei and Wuhan in China, they have appealed to the Arbuckle authorities to expel them immediately so that they can be killed by the deadly virus.

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The Coronavirus easily transmits from an infected person to a healthy person. The affected person can spread the disease for two to five days to others. For this reason, if someone has been diagnosed with the disease, it is kept in isolation for at least a week so that healthy individuals are protected from the virus.

Symptoms at the onset of the disease are similar to colds and upper respiratory infections. Therefore, treatment is beneficial in the meantime, but the most important is to keep the patient in isolation during this time so that other healthy individuals are protected from the devastation of the disease. Blood tests are done to detect the presence.

In China, the coronavirus first transmitted to humans through snakes. Pets and dogs are also infected with the virus and transmit the virus to humans. Symptoms of the Crohn’s virus, like colds, usually last from 7 days to 10 days. If during this time, complete relaxation and taking medication with the doctor’s advice, the disease will spread and the man will recover. Is. So there is no need to worry more about the Coronavirus and not worry. Most victims are automatically healed for ten days a week.

China has locked down its provinces to control the outbreak of the coronavirus. More than 60 million Chinese people have been confined to their cities. New Year’s holidays in Shanghai City have been extended until February 9. So far, the number of affected people has reached 5974 in China, of which 976 people are suffering from pneumonia. Admission tests at Chinese universities have been canceled.

That is, the great medical emer sex was implicated. According to the Foreign Ministry announcement, 515 Pakistani students are studying in Wuhan, China, and they are healthy. There are no signs of the virus being detected in any of the students, but all children are upset and wish to emigrate. May Allah protect these students.

Chinese citizens are determined to fight the Coronavirus. There are banners everywhere in the city: “We will not defeat the Coronavirus, we will kill the devil virus.” Lockdown in Wuhan has led to a shortage of vegetable products and medicines. From other cities in China, the brave Chinese people have transported hundreds of containers of vegetables, foods, and medicines to Wuhan for one-dimensional expression from Wuhan’s homeland. Although the Coronavirus has raged with China around the world, it is increasing the number of casualties and victims, but its treatment is not so difficult.

The first thing to do is not get the initial infection caused by Coronavirus or the respiratory obstruction caused by it. Relaxing, fever and coughing and taking infection medications are a symptom of the disease. Most importantly, if a person is diagnosed with Coronavirus or begins to show similar symptoms, this patient should be kept in isolation for at least seven days. If the test comes positive for the virus, the patient should be kept in complete isolation for at least one week after the test.

It is important to use precautions, masks, and gloves for the patient and all the persons with whom he or she is in contact. Spray into the patient’s room and dispose of the tissue paper in use. The Coronavirus is a heat-sensitive virus, like the cold. Therefore, it is important that the patient is given steam and given coffee, vegetable soup to drink so that the symptoms of the disease are minimal.

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In the event of a fever, give febrile medicine. In case of cough, put two tablespoons of honey and a little black pepper in a cup of warm water. When the disease is diagnosed, in the morning, put one tablespoon of olive oil and one teaspoon of honey in a cup of warm milk. Almighty has made many changes in turmeric and olive oil.

They both have the ability to control infections and have antiviral properties. Honey is a cure for every disease. Mint, fennel, cinnamon, and ginger are also useful for colds and throat infections. Giving warm things to a patient is a good cause for the disease. Be happy with the patient because the patient can be contacted despite being separated. China’s instructions to restrict its citizens miss the instructions given by the Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) 1440 years ago.