How to get Fair Skin – 6 Best Tips to Get Fair Skin

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By John Wick

The pursuit of beauty is also the right and desire of every woman. The most important thing to look for is gentle, smooth, and shiny skin. It requires extra attention and extra time to cope with the effects of skin-like dreams. Dust and other densities add a layer to the skin. If this layer is not cleaned periodically, there may be many problems such as scar spots, nail acne, and dark complexion.

To get rid of them, the skin tone can be customized at home with a standard facial kit.

Required Goods

Hairband, a small towel, water cup, sponge, blackhead remover, cotton, cleanser, facial massage, scrub, and toner. Clean your face and neck and wash them with warm water.

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The first step

The first step in the facial is cleansing. Cleansing is very important to protect the skin from the harmful effects of pollution and to clean the dust from the face. First, clean the neck and face for five minutes with a good and standard cleanser, then clean with the help of a sponge. – Do not forget to repeatedly apply water on your hands while cleaning.

The second step

The second step after cleansing is a facial massage. Massage for about five minutes with the help of standard massage cream. During the massage, the blood moves towards the face, which strengthens the muscles of the face and improves the skin. Massage not only cleanses the face but it is also refreshing. Besides, a special glow on the face and no wrinkles.

The third step

Scrubbing is similar to cleansing, with a special focus on the nose and chin at this stage. Remember that the hands should move from bottom to top and repeat this process for about ten minutes, then wash the face with warm water.

The fourth step

If you have nail acne on the face, use a black headdress or mask to apply the scrubs. Sometimes nail acne softens through massage and goes away during the massage without steam. If they do not exit the massage, take steam. Remover sticks or strips may be used to remove blackheads from the stitches.

The fifth step

Clean the face thoroughly with a sponge and prepare a mask. A clay mask is useful. Beauty Expert advises women with oily skin to wear limes and whitening masks to women with sensitive skin. Apply the mask after the face is dry. When the mask is dry, wash the face instead of removing the mask from the sponge.

The Sixth Step

The last step is to apply toner to the face after removing the mask. In intoner selection, be sure to use a standard and versatile product that can be used for more than one purpose. For example, dry skin. Women should use creamy or country cleanser, it helps to refresh the skin.

Important tips for Facial

Make sure to wax at least twenty-four hours before the facial, the surface of the wax can be scratched. Immediate massage after waxing can damage the skin. Do not fade immediately after spending too much time in the sun. Pigmentation on the skin due to the rays of the skin is cured, but immediate facial damage can also damage the skin.

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Benefits of Facial

The facial not only cleanses the face but also gives it freshness. It produces a glow on the face and does not wrinkle. During the massage, the blood flows toward the face, which strengthens facial muscles and skin. It improves the beauty of the face and eliminates the effects of old age. Acne and other scar spots can be removed through facial massage. Good facial exfoliates the skin and prevents acne and nail exfoliation. Massage also strengthens facial muscles or muscles.

Home-made mask for dry skin

Add fifteen drops of orange juice and one teaspoon of cornflour to one meal and apply it to the face. After ten minutes, rinse with water. For greasy skin add one teaspoon of honey to the face and neck as a mask, apply ten drops of lemon juice to the papaya mattress for about twenty minutes, rinse the face with cold water. Apply some fruit on the face such as an orange watermelon or papaya curse to the face.