How to make beautiful eyebrows?

How to Have Beautiful Eyebrows with Modern Cosmetic Methods?

Thick beautiful eyebrows are not only a fashion trend of recent years but also one of the most important components of facial features. They can both paint their owner, and significantly spoil, it all depends on their condition. If nature has awarded you with thick expressive eyebrows, then bringing them to perfect condition is not difficult.

It is possible both in the cabin and independently to perform the correction, and stop on the achieved version. If the eyebrows are thick but too light, then you can cope with this nuance with the help of decorative cosmetics or coloring. But if the eyebrows are not thick enough, do not have the most ideal shape, or grow with “bald spots”, then it is worth resorting to one of the modern cosmetic methods of correction.

How to make beautiful eyebrows?

A few years ago, permanent eyebrow tattooing came into fashion, which gained a large number of fans and opponents of this method. Indeed, sometimes you can meet a girl on the street with a very natural permanent eyebrow tattoo that does not catch the eye. But sometimes the eyebrows of some women terrify everyone around them. Permanent makeup Fredericton expert says wrong color, shape, location of the eyebrows and many other nuances can be a serious mistake that changes the face beyond recognition

Side Note:

In the vast majority of cases, such a tattoo looks unnatural and noticeable not only to the eyes of a professional but also to everyone around. Also, this method has two more disadvantages, which become known only after a few years:

  • Firstly, a tattoo made using the apparatus has the property to fade and change its original color. Girls who have been tattooed several years ago while actively tanning in the sun, after a while become the owners of purple-blue eyebrows.
  • Secondly, eyebrows with permanent tattoos remain for the whole subsequent life (most of them). Naturally, with age, some changes occur, respectively, the eyebrows can creep down, up, become asymmetrical, and discontinuous. In order to somehow solve this problem, several stages of painful laser removal will be required.

Thus, this method is not a guarantee of beautiful and natural eyebrows.

Bio tattoo

Biotage is a new way, involving staining of hairs and skin under the eyebrows of henna. This method has several advantages:

  • the procedure is safe and suitable even for pregnant and lactating women;
  • performed with natural brown henna;
  • does not injure the skin;
  • It looks natural and allows you to choose the right shade;
  • henna helps strengthen your own natural eyebrows;
  • after a while (about 2 weeks) henna will gradually be washed out if you do not make an adjustment, then the entire pigment will completely disappear;
  • the procedure is quite simple, it takes about an hour.

However, this method has its own characteristics: biotatuage will quickly disappear when using a sauna, a bath, frequent bathing in the sea. Thus, bio tattooing is the safest and easiest way to get perfect eyebrows for a fairly long time.


microbladingThere is another way to make beautiful eyebrows for the long term – micro-blading. This is a new modern method that has significant advantages over classical tattooing:

  • manual tattoo allows you to make very natural eyebrows that do not look like one continuous strip, but repeat the natural growth of hair;
  • the paint remains not in the deep layers of the skin, but on the surface, which will allow it to completely disappear with time;
  • You can choose the right eyebrow tone;
  • eyebrows remain in perfect condition for 12-18 months, after which the pigment gradually disappears.

Such eyebrows look so natural that it is almost impossible to distinguish them from natural ones. At the moment, this is the best option for making beautiful eyebrows without fear of unpleasant and irreversible consequences. By choosing a professional craftsman or 3d eyebrow tattoo in Los Angeles with extensive experience and positive customer reviews, you can be sure that you will get the desired result. Beautiful natural eyebrows will transform the face, give it expressiveness and eliminate the need for daily makeup.

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