Beside Mouth and Nose Coronavirus enter into the body through eyes

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Beside Mouth and Nose Coronavirus enter into the body through eyes

The world is trying to cope with the rapidly spreading deadly coronavirus, but scientists have also identified the cause. According to a foreign website, the Coronavirus enters into human body trough eyes.

The Chinese doctor, Wang Gangfa, revealed that they too could have the virus because they were not wearing anti-virus glasses. Experts also confirmed that the disease caused by sneezing and coughing could enter the human body, not just the eye but also the eyes.

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In China alone, dozens of people have lost their lives due to the virus that spread from one country to another. More than 1,000 people, including the United States, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, and other European countries, have been succumbed to the virus for treatment in hospitals. Paul Kalam, a professor of virus genomics at Imperial College London, confirmed the virus entered the human body through the eyes.

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He said that if someone sneezes at you, it can carry the virus to you. First, it will cause the eyes to burn. It will reach the nose through the lacrimal duct, then join the breath. And you will start to get sneezes as well.

If you take eye medicine, you will feel the taste of this medicine deep inside your throat. It is not uncommon for the flu or other viruses to spread,” he said, adding that you may also experience breathing problems due to the eyes. Professor Paul Killam suggested that doctors or medical staff should use eyeglasses to prevent this.

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In this case, the mask that protects your mouth and nose but clearly does not protect the eyes. Professor Paul Killam’s claim was endorsed by Dr. Michael Head, a senior researcher at the University of Southampton.