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Karachi reports of 8 suspected corona virus cases

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Karachi reports of 8 suspected coronavirus cases

There have been reports of suspected coronavirus cases in Karachi, none of which came out positive while none of the cases met the World Health Organization’s definition of coronavirus. DG Health Sindh sets up a committee to probe the surveillance cells on suspected cases.

According to provincial health department spokesman Mehran Yousaf Agha Khan university connected to health department on 25 Jan and told that they had received suspected cases of coronavirus, a total of 8 suspected cases were reported. All 8 are chines citizens. Five of these suspected cases were identified by the university by definition of the disease, while the remaining three cases were excluded from the samples taken for 27 patients.

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According to a report released by the health department on the situation, one of the eight suspected cases did not travel to China, but kept in contact with Chinese people, while the remaining seven traveled to China in January and all of them were acquitted. Seven people are employed at the Karachi Nuclear Power Plant (KANP), four of whom have been discharged from the hospital when they are healthy, while one patient left the hospital without consulting doctors.

According to the report, the remaining two patients are not clear of coronavirus but are being treated after observation. According to Health Department spokesman Miran Yusuf, blood samples of the two admitted patients have been sent to the National Institutes of Health, Islamabad, but they have received kits from China for lack of coronavirus diagnosis. Later, something more could be said, he further said that in the meantime, he would be sent home on patients’ health.  Sources said that the suspected cases came from the Karachi Nuclear Power Plant, where a large number of Chinese residents live.

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As the cases were suspected, dozens of Chinese citizens visited the Aga Khan University Hospital on Sunday, which was consulted and convinced that they did not have a virus so they were not scared. According to sources, health authorities have also contacted the airport authority and agreed to cooperate and exchange a list of passengers in case of possible or suspected cases.

The report further stated that the contact between the hospital and the health authorities has been improved, which has made the case data monitoring system effective, while in this regard, with all the health services provided to the ongoing health advisory. Has been discussed. The report instructs the public to stay at home for 24 hours until possible symptoms show up, avoid fever, close contact with each other, cover mouth and nose with tissue paper when coughing. So, wash hands with soap, limit meetings, rinse the goods with a touch of infection.

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