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How do bats live with so many viruses

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How do bats live with so many viruses

Corona virus-causing bats have been revealed that its immune system is so strong that it can survive with numerous viruses.  According to Dr. Peter Dyszak, president of the Foreign Eco Health Alliance, it can be argued that the virus transmitted from animals to humans is spread by bats. According to the doctor, if confirmed, it means that the bats will be the cause of viruses like ‘SARS’ and ‘MERS’.

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Experts have termed it an ‘epidemic’, a disease spreading from one fetus to another. Experts say many viruses are found in bats but they do not affect the bats, but they have spread numerous diseases in Africa, Malaysia, Bangladesh and Australia that have infected hundreds of people.

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These bats also cause viruses such as Ebola, but they are not harmed by the virus, they also contain more rabies virus. According to the report, tolerating and surviving these viruses makes bats different from other mammals, in addition to lactating animals being the only bats that have the natural ability to fly while they are infected with diseases and germs. They also digest whole insects, including eating them.

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Experts say that the positive aspect of the presence of bats in the world is that bats also play an important role in the pollination of fruits like bananas, Eva Caddo and mango. According to the report, one-fourth of the world’s lactating animals contain bats and living with several fatal viruses makes them different from other animals, especially humans, to trade them, use them as food, where they Going to or invading this place can have serious consequences.

Evolution of force resistance in bats

An investigative report from China and Singapore described how bats use DNA sensing. Bats have an uncanny ability to fly; their DNA contains more antibodies to fight any disease that prevents their body from causing the most dangerous symptom, inflammation. Researchers say that this feature allows bats to survive despite having fatal viruses.

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According to the report, in many countries of the world, bats are regularly sold in the market, they are used for food while most of the viruses spread by bats are from animal to human first and then to human facial organs in the second stage. In other words, the disease is transmitted from nose to mouth and eye to other human beings. According to Dr. Dyszak, to prevent obesity and the sale of animals from which the virus spreads, experts have termed these animals as ‘dangerous’ as terrorists.