How to Protect Mobile Phone from Coronavirus?

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Coronavirus may spread through a mobile phone. So, it is important to protect your mobile phone from coronavirus. In this article, we will tell you about how can you protect your cell phone from coronavirus & how can it be helpful in stopping the spread of coronavirus.

Coronavirus has infected almost 235,000 persons worldwide. It has taken the lives of almost 11000 persons across the globe. COVID-19 virus can be spread by mobile easily and can enter into your body by mouth, nose or ears.

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Tips to protect your mobile phone from Coronavirus:

1: Pesticide Wipes:

A few precautions can help you to protect your mobile phone from coronavirus. Use antibiotic or pesticide wipes to clean your mobile phone. It is easily available in markets at a very low price.

2: Soft & Microfiber Cloths

The well-known mobile company also provides its users with soft and the microfiber fabric to clean mobile phones. It is recommended to not use linen cloth.

3: Mobile Sanitizer

Mobile companies say that sanitizer can also be used to clean the body and screen of your mobile phone. There are many mobile sanitizers available in the market. While after COVID-19 Pandemic there is also a kit available with a sanitizer, in which a special cloth is available to clean the mobile phone.

4: Clean With Tissue Paper

You need to clean the mobile phone whenever you use it. Use tissue paper to clean your mobile phone. Avoid not to give your mobile phone to suspected patients.


Coronavirus can stay alive on different surfaces and on different metals for some time or some days. If coronavirus is on the mobile phone so, you can be infected by using your mobile phone. So, it is very important to clean your mobile phone before use. You can clean your mobile phone by the above tips and can protect your mobile from coronavirus.

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