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The Coronavirus made the worse situation in Europe. In Italy 627 deaths reported in a single day, after which the death toll from the virus in Italy risen to 4,332. With the emergence of 5,986 new cases in Italy, the number of Coronavirus patients has risen to over 47,000.

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Due to coronavirus, In France, 78 more people have died. Total deaths have risen to 450 in France. France has announced to pay salaries during the lockdown.


Due to coronavirus, Spain reports 262 new death cases. The death toll due to coronavirus has increased to 1393 in Spain.


It has been decided to restrict train service across Europe. In the UK, 33 more people have been killed by Corona, bringing the total to 177, while almost 4,000 are infected. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has ordered the closure of public places in the UK from today and appealed to citizens to stay in homes.

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The total death toll has risen to 68 after 24 deaths from the Coronavirus in Germany, with 4,582 new cases reported.


The Coronavirus killed 30 people in the Netherlands, 24 in Germany, 16 in Belgium, 13 in Switzerland and five more in Sweden.


The total death toll has risen to 264 after 57 more people were killed by the Coronavirus in the United States, while more than 5,000 new Corona patients have been reported in a single day. Corona cases in the United States increased by more than 19,000, followed by the United States in the sixth most affected countries in the world.

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United Arab Emirates:

2 People have been died by Coronavirus in the United Arab Emirates. While the number of people infected with the virus has increased to 140. The UAE has also banned the entry of foreigners.

Saudi Arabia:

Saudi Arabia reports 70 new coronavirus cases. The total coronavirus cases has increased to 344 in Saudi Arabia.