Death toll due to coronavirus surpasses 11187

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Due to coronavirus death toll has been surpassing 11187 worldwide. Coronavirus infected patients have been increased to 267936. According to a report due to the deadly coronavirus outbreak, so far 11187 deaths have been reported across the globe. Pakistan has reported 3 coronavirus deaths while 449 total cases have been reported.

According to the reports, the COVID-19 is not stopping it has killed almost 11187 people worldwide. The most affected country is Italy, which also overtook China. In Italy, the death toll from this deadly corona has increased to 4,332 while 47,000 people are still hospitalized.

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In addition, 1093 deaths and more than 21,000 people were affected by the Coronavirus in Spain, 264 died of the Coronavirus in the United States, 19,640 patients are being treated in US hospitals.

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According to a foreign news agency, 450 people died in France and the number of people infected with the virus is 12 thousand, while in Saudi Arabia 344 people were infected with the Coronavirus.

Indonesia has reported 60 new cases of Coronavirus, 32 deaths have been reported in Malaysia, 130 new cases of deadly Coronavirus have been reported in Malaysia.

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In India, the number of corona cases has increased to 258 while five people are reported to have been killed. In addition, 91,952 people who have fallen ill with coronavirus worldwide have returned to their homes after recovery.

In Pakistan, most of the coronavirus patients are from Sindh which is 245. In Balochistan 81, Punjab 78, Kpk 23 coronavirus cases have been reported. According to a report Islamabad has 9 coronavirus cases. There are 21 coronavirus cases in Gilgit Baltistan and one case has been reported in Azad Kashmir Mirpur.

Pakistan has 139 quarantine or coronavirus isolation wards in different cities across Pakistan. These isolation wards can accommodate 23557 patients. 600 pilgrimages that came from Iran are in quarantine center. Quarantine is available for 600 persons in Chaman and Tor-Kham.

The government of Pakistan is sending coronavirus alerts on mobiles. Pamphlets are being distributed at airports, railway stations, buses, and steps are also being taken to train 5,000 volunteer medical staff.