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You can download the app on your smartphone using the App Store (if you use Apple) or the Play Market (if you have Android). Not too long ago, developers introduced a version of Instagram for PC. The program can only be installed for Windows 10 users.

1: How to sign up for Instagram

Once downloaded, open the app. An authorization window will appear on the screen where you will find fields for entering your username and password for existing profiles. You will need to click on the phrase at the bottom of the screen Do you have an account? Sign up now.

It is no harder to sign up for Instagram than on any other social network. The application offers three classic registration options:

  • By Facebook
  • via phone number
  • via email

Choose the way you like and follow the simple on-screen prompts.

2: How to link a Facebook page to Instagram

The posts you post to Instagram are automatically shared on Facebook, you need to link your accounts. Go to the settings menu. From there, select Account and then Linked Accounts. In the list of social networks, select Facebook and follow the authorization of your profile.

3: How to Disconnect Instagram from Facebook

If you want to have independent profiles on social networks or make your posts private, you need to unlink your accounts.

To remove a Facebook account from the list of Linked Social Networks:

  • Go to the settings menu under Account – Linked Accounts – Facebook.
  • On your iPhone, click the Unlink account box.
  • If you have Android, this field will be called Disconnect.

4: How to Post to Instagram

To upload photos or videos, you must first tap the + icon at the bottom of the screen. On iOS devices, select Media (called Android on Gallery) to select media files. Select from the list and click on the desired file.

Then select Next at the top right of the screen. You will be taken to a menu where you can edit your photo and use standard filters. When you have finished editing, click Next – Expand. In a few seconds, your photo will be published.

5: How to use Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is a feature that lets you post pictures or videos in up to 15 seconds. The story app appeared in 2016.

To access the Instagram Stories menu, open the app and swipe from left to right. After the swipe down, a list of media files already in your smartphone will open. You can also capture stories directly in the app by clicking on the large circle at the bottom of the screen.

Instagram Stories have received many useful features since their inception:

  • More than 10 shooting modes (including live broadcasting);
  • Thousands of masks;
  • 12 unique filters;

Also, you can draw, add geolocations, and sign them in special fonts on photos and videos.

The Instagram Stories feature is that they are only valid for 24 hours. An optional Highlights stories feature allows you to save your selected stories to the public.

6: How to use IGTV

IGTV is a special Instagram feature that allows you to upload videos up to 60 minutes in length. Its abbreviation stands for Instagram Television.

The developers put the IGTV menu above the news feed, to the right of the Direct menu.

To post a video to IGTV:

  • Click on the appropriate icon.
  • At the upper right of the screen, contact +.
  • In the library, select the video you want. Its duration should be at least 1 minute.
  • Sign your movie and choose what its cover will look like.
  • Post a video.

The main principle behind IGTV is that the videos you are offered to watch are automatically selected based on your interests.

7: How to increase the number of followers on Instagram

There are several proven ways to get more Instagram followers. As your audience grows, so do traffic statistics.

Following, likes, comments

Systematically subscribe to users who are interestingly navigating their Instagram pages. Comment, rate their photos and videos, but with the wit and creativity to encourage users to visit your profile.

Using hashtags

Hashtags have been proven to bring together hundreds of thousands of users. Using this feature makes it easy to find the posts you need. There are many online services to help you choose the current hashtags for a particular photo. After systematic use of hashtags, the likelihood that your post will be in the Favorites tab will only increase and, therefore, new subscribers will appear.

Collaboration with popular accounts, PR

Instagram has many popular pages in various fields. Hundreds of bloggers run marathons, sweepstakes, and cross-PR competitions daily. Be an active user and your profile will be accurately evaluated.

You can also increase the number of subscribers with the help of cheat services. This principle works, but the influx of new users will be ineffective: most often, your profile will be subscribed to fake accounts.

8: How to delete an Instagram account

There are two features for leaving the Instagram community:

  • Temporary suspension of the account;
  • Deleting your account forever.

Temporarily blocking your Instagram account means hiding all posts, likes, and comments. The profile can be restored at any time. Locking and deleting your account is the easiest way to do it from your computer or Internet browser on your smartphone.

Going to the page, select the Edit profile and Temporarily block my account sequentially. Follow the on-screen prompts and your profile will disappear from Instagram publicly within minutes. To permanently delete the account do not go without a special link.

The site will ask you to provide a reason for deleting your profile and entering a password for verification. The last step is to select Delete my account permanently. The deleted account, like all photos and dialogs, will not be able to be restored.

9: How to Download Photos from Instagram

The Instagram app does not provide a classic way to save photos by holding the screen with your finger. There are several ways to keep the posts you like.

To the All Devices

The Ig Video Downloader online service lets you save any media from Instagram. All you need is a link to the post you want.

The 4Kstogram program provided the function of saving all publications of the selected profile. The demo version of the program allows you to use this feature no more than twice, after the purchase of the licensed version all restrictions are lifted.

On a Smartphone

You can find many apps and software from the play store. InstaSave has the highest ratings in the App Store, with Fast Save in the Play Market.

10: How to Clear Instagram Cache

A cache is a collection of custom settings information, program reports, and local copies of all downloaded Internet data. For better smartphone performance, developers are advised to periodically remove excess unnecessary files. For iPhone users, the way to clear the cache is a radical but simple one – just remove the application and reinstall it.

Android owners can clear their cache in your phone’s settings. Step by step goes to Settings – Storage – Memory info. Find Instagram in the list of apps, then click Delete data.

11: How To Make Money On Instagram

Sale of goods and services

Through the Internet, you can sell everything, the main thing – skills and patience. Once your content plan is approved, your Instagram profile will become a real business page that will earn you money.


This method of monetization is suitable for profiles with large and, most importantly, live audiences. Advertisers interested in inflowing new clients will only order services from proven bloggers.

Affiliate Programs

This is a mutually beneficial way to disseminate information: Usually, partnership terms imply a good percentage of earnings. As with the advertising option, it will only be relevant to bloggers.

Promotion and maintenance of accounts

It’s about promoting and managing someone else’s custom profiles. The main goal is to become a virtual PR manager, creating unique content. Productive work with Instagram accounts will bring considerable profit.

12: How to view statistics on Instagram

The statistics view option is only available for business profiles. It contains generic information about your profile audience, including gender, age, and location of your subscribers. The statistics also show the most popular profile posts. To see statistics, go to Settings and select the Statistics field.

All available information will be displayed on the screen. For convenience, developers have divided it into three sections: Actions, Content, and Audience.

13: How to Buy Advertising on Instagram

There are three ways to create a promotional post:

  • Via Instagram
  • Via Facebook
  • Through Facebook Advertising Manager.

The main requirement for using the advertising feature is to switch to a business profile. Use the Promote button below each of your posts to create ads.

If you wish, your promotional posts can also appear on your Facebook page then Ad Manager contains dozens of cool options and tools for creating unique ads.