38 Lucky Countries With Zero Coronavirus Cases

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Coronavirus is a global pandemic declared by the World Health Organization. COVID-19 has spread to 185+ countries across the globe. Half of the world’s population is in quarantine centers or self-isolation wards. Lockdown is being announced in various countries due to Coronavirus. Cities are closed, schools, factories everything is closed. Scientists and doctors of the world didn’t succeed to find the medicine to cure coronavirus.

Dramatic reduction of air pollution in various countries
Dramatic reduction of air pollution in various countries

The world is in danger! It look like there is no place that is safe from coronavirus. But, fortunately, there are 38 countries that have no case of coronavirus. These 38 countries are making sure that no one comes in and goes out of there. This is the only way to keep citizens safe from this deadly coronavirus outbreak. Due to which 325000 people are in critical condition and 14000+ lost their lives.

Impacts of Hot & Humid Weather on Coronavirus
Impacts of Hot & Humid Weather on Coronavirus

Here is a list of those 38 lucky counties which have zero Coronavirus cases.

1: Belize

2: Botswana

3: Burundi

4: Cape Verde

5: Comoros

6: D. P. R. of Korea

7: Dominica

8: El Salvador

9: Eritrea

10: Federated States of Micronesia

11: Grenada

12: Guinea-Bissau

13: Kiribati

14: Laos

15: Lesotho

16: Libya

17: Madagascar

18: Malawi

19: Mali

20: Marshall Islands

21: Micronesia

22: Mozambique

23: Myanmar

24: Nauru

25: Nicaragua

26: Palau

27: Saint Kitts and Nevis

28: Samoa

29: Sierra Leone

30: São Tomé and Príncipe

31: Solomon Islands

32: South Sudan

33: Tajikistan

34: Turkmenistan

35: Tuvalu

36: Vanuatu

37: Western Sahara

38: Yemen