Instagram Launch New Feature for Quarantine

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Social media photo-sharing website and mobile app Instagram introduce a new feature for quarantine. An Instagram release said that a feature called “Couching” is being introduced on Instagram. With this new feature of Instagram users would be able to see posts during a video chat with friends.

According to the company, the caller and the receiver will be connected to each other and both will be limited, meaning that no third person will be able to interrupt their conversation.

How to use a new Instagram Feature?

During the video chat on Instagram, a feature will appear on the right which will be displayed after clicking on the post and the user will be able to comment on it with their friend.

Instagram says the company has taken steps to provide users with COVID-19 certified information, including a sticker with certified information. While the company has also identified accounts that are related to the Coronavirus were spreading unfounded information.

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Instagram also added a donation sticker to the app, whereby private organizations can donate their donations to the World Health Organization in the fight against Corona. In addition, the company has introduced a ‘stay at home’ sticker to encourage consumers to stay at home. Which citizens can send to each other.

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