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By John Wick

If you are a young person, you have a tendency towards ‘software development’ and you want to step into this field, then this article will definitely be useful for you. But if you belong to another field, you do not want to step into this field and you are not inclined towards this field, then this article can also be useful for you.

This information can be used by you or your relatives’ children. In addition, there will be some needy people around you who, if guided and given some financial support, will be able to earn better, which will improve the financial situation of the whole family attached to them.

What is software?

A set of instructions for performing any specific task inside a computer or mobile phone is called software. Since the basic language of a computer is the machine, another ‘language’ is used to communicate between man and machine which is called programming language.

There are currently a variety of programming and scripting languages available in the market for software development, including the more popular C, Java, Python, Ruby, and HTML. ), XML, PHP, .NET, Delphi, etc.

General use of software programming

In today’s world there is hardly anyone who is not using a software program. Clock alarms, calculators, mobile phones, microwave ovens, the Internet, and the vast world of the web, behind them all are various software that have made our lives much easier. Software has revolutionized every aspect of life today, from communications to photography and video production to graphic design and animation.

It’s because of software that today we can easily do all the work on the computer that used to take a lot of time and energy in the past. For example, using Adobe Lightroom to develop images, whereas previously this was done by soaking the negatives of the images in chemicals and mixing the images several days later.

Where to learn Software development in Pakistan?

There are educational opportunities at different levels of software development in Pakistan. All public and private colleges across the country offer various programs at the intermediate level, such as intermediate with computer science, ICS, and three-year diploma courses.

At the university level, however, there are many educational programs available for bachelors, masters, and even PhDs, the completion of which leads to better self-employment and better job opportunities.

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As there are more employment opportunities after the completion of these programs, the competition for its seats in government colleges and universities is high and the quality of merit is very high while its education in private educational institutions is expensive.

There are also many courses that take three to six months to complete. Short courses can be taught in formal and informal ways, such as website designing, and are just as useful as degrees, and in some cases even more so than degrees.

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Because for a degree, you are taught more than 40 subjects in four years, while the courses focus more on one thing, which in a short time brings more skills.

Software development as a business

All the ladies and gentlemen who have completed software development education and want to start a business full time or part-time, can run it as a full-fledged business. As it is a services sector, it does not require much capital to start a business. You just have to have enough capital to pay the rent of a small office for a year + bills + initial expenses + salary of a support person.

You can also do your job as a freelancer with less time or capital. People with almost a year of experience are easily earning Rs. 5 to 6 lakhs per annum from their services in the local market, i.e. about 40 to 50 thousand per month.

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Keep in mind that the business does not have the same income every month, less a month, and more a month, so the business should count only six months or a year. Keep in mind that as the competition in the IT sector is at its peak these days. Therefore, your programming skills and problem-solving skills should also be at its peak.

Why is there so much revenue in the field of software?

People often ask why the revenue in the field of software development is higher than in other sectors.

This is because the initial costs are quite low, and the second is that you can sell the same work for many customers. This means that if you develop accounting software for a small shop/office, you can sell it in many other places as well. Since the second copy is not worth the cost, it is more profitable.

While in other businesses there is a special fixed cost for the manufacture of goods/services for each customer, which cannot be less than a certain limit. For example, whether you sell a mobile phone or a hundred, you must have some fixed cost on the preparation of each set. Unlike software, the next copy of the phone is made for free after the first mobile is made.

Major departments of software development

There are three major software development platforms in the domestic and international markets with a lot of work to do. These include desktop software development, web software development, and mobile phone application development.

Desktop Applications Development

This refers to the development of software that can be used in desktop computers, such as a company’s account, payroll system, school/college management system, library management system, etc. Whatever software you use on your computer, such as Microsoft Office, etc., these are called desktop applications.

Desktop applications are usually designed for a specific operating system (Windows, Macintosh, Linux, etc.), but desktop applications can also be designed to work on multiple operating systems.

Many programming languages are used for desktop development, including Microsoft’s .NET, Visual Studio, Java, and C (# C) languages.

People who specialize in desktop applications can also develop software programs that work on specific machines, such as telephone exchanges, photocopy machines/software inside the printer, that only perform one specific task. Such software is called ’embedded software’.

Web Applications Development

Web applications are those types of software that run on browsers. The advantage of this type of software is that it can be used on almost any type of machine, ie desktop, tablet, smartphone, etc. This is because they are browser-based. These applications work on any machine that has a browser installed.

They are considered better than desktop applications, as web applications are capable of working on all types of operating systems (Windows, Macintosh, Linux) and machines (computers/phones/tablets).

Its market is very wide. Almost all large websites, especially dynamic ones, need people to develop web applications for them to meet their needs. Or modify an existing web application to suit their needs.

HTML, ‘XML’, ‘PHP’, ‘CSS’, ‘JavaScript’, and ‘MySQL’ are mostly used for the development of web applications. SQL) etc.

Mobile application development

The different types of functions that we use inside the mobile phone and especially the ‘apps’ that we use for our need for the smartphone, are called ‘mobile phone application development’.

This market is dominated by Google’s ‘Android’ operating system. You must be proficient in ‘Java’ or ‘C ++ Plus’ for app development. Another major player in this field is Apple’s iOS operating system, which is now being used in iPads and Apple TVs after the iPhone.


There is no shortage of work in the field of software development, but there is a shortage of talented people. If you like the field of software then don’t delay. Learn more about your needs. Make your goal and plan well to achieve the goal. Get rid of clutter you don’t need. Soon success and prosperity will be your destination.