A Complete guide to keeping your smartphone secure

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By John Wick

Nobody can imagine a life without a smartphone these days. Calendars, watches, alarm clocks, cameras, have replaced so many gadgets on our phones making them indispensable. And there is no doubt that they have made our lives quite easier and much more interesting too. But as with every gadget, even when you are looking for Spectrum App on Firestick, or using your smartphone in the street to look at a map, you have to take special care of your mobile.

The following useful tips will help you keep your smartphone safe. Enjoy!

Accessorize Wisely

When you buy a new smartphone, you are in such a hurry to go home and try out all of its amazing features. But you need to tone down the excitement a bit and think about the safety of your smartphone first. It is important to get the right accessories to save your phone from any damage after you take it out of the box. Most of the buyers neglect that part and regret it later when the damage is already done. In the long run, a good protective screen film, and a good quality case can add so much to the life of your smartphone. When you spend on these two, you are saving yourself from spending on the repairs later.

It is wise to choose a phone case that is water-resistant and weather-proof. An accidental water bottle drop can bring no harm to it in that case. For the screen protection film, there are many varieties available in the market that offer invisible glass protection and crack resistance. Invest in a good one.

Air Temperature

During cold and snowy winters, you will have to take care of the air temperature to keep your smartphone safe. You may love cold, but it is a killer for smartphones. When the temperature is low, your phone consumes the battery faster, can become slower, and even reboot unexpectedly. But you can avoid such situations by protecting your smartphone from coming in direct contact with the weather extremes. Keep it safe inside your coat/jacket inside pockets. If your smartphone shuts down in any such condition, don’t try to heat it. Keep it at normal room temperature for a while. Most of the time than not, the weather damage is reversible.

Clear the Trash

Yes, like your courtyard, your smartphone accumulates trash over time. It needs to be cleaned too. This happens mostly to mobile phones working with the Android operating system. You constantly have to clean cache data. Also, free the RAM regularly to avoid any glitches or memory lapses. The good thing is that there are apps available that can do the cleaning for you.

Don’t Overcharge

Most of the smartphones have a perfect battery capacity to last up to 500 charging sessions. You can overdo this by charging your smartphone incorrectly. To avoid, maintain full charging cycles. Don’t rush to plug your chargers when there is still plenty of battery left. You should wait for the battery to drop down to 15% before you panic. Keep your phone switched off in no coverage areas, as the phone automatically keeps on searching for a network to connect, which drains the battery.

Clean Your Smart Phone

Not cleaning it often can lead to permanent stains and scratches. So it is important to take care of the overall cleanliness of your device. Accumulated bacteria can cause allergies and irritation to the sensitive skin, sometimes leading to severe acne. You should choose a soft cloth piece with microfibers to do the job. Don’t use soap or detergents. Go for basic glass cleaners. Also, don’t forget to turn your device off before you clean it.

Store it in a Safe Place

While you are off your smartphone, make sure that it is stored in a safe place. People usually leave their smartphones on the table edges where these can get knocked over and fall. Be careful. Also, don’t leave your smartphones in easily accessible handbag pockets when you leave your work desk or while traveling. Don’t leave your phones unattended for long periods of time either. Charged phones have been reported to cause fires because Li-ion batteries emit heat while they charge and discharge in any case you can buy replacement battery at a very Cheap Cost.

Make them Theft-free

If possible, keep your smartphone with you at all times. Be careful about who you handle your phone to. Although, if you ever face a professional hacker or a thief, they won’t give you the chance to be careful or cautious. Your smartphone will be long gone even before you notice it. If it happens, report it immediately, as most smartphones can be traced down. My smartphone went missing for a few minutes once, and I called my Spectrum service number to get it traced based on the internet using the tracker. Luckily, I found it soon.