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The best 4 handy graphic edit tools 2020

Talking about digital design and graphic editors meant limiting yourself to Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, before freehand. But times change, and today there are powerful alternatives to edit images and work in graphic design, such as Pixelmator or Sketch.

Current web technology even allows you to work with images and vector graphics from browsers and perform advanced tasks that years ago were only possible with good software and a powerful computer.

Here are four examples of online graphic editors that will help us to work with images and photographs, for all audiences and for any field, design, marketing, presentations.


“Design what you want. Post what you want.” Canva has become a reference as an online design tool. You register in seconds and from the first moment, you have your own editor with resources, templates and everything you need to create newsletters, posters, diagrams, presentations and even retouch images.

As for its operation, Canva works by dragging and dropping elements. Then you just have to select them to customize them through the custom options of the side panels. And as a photo editor, it allows you to perform any task, such as applying filters, adjustments, rotating or rotating, among others.

Its free version gives access to 1 GB of storage, more than 8,000 templates, upload of our own images and a repository of paid photographs. If you want more, you will get more space and functions via subscription.


“Choose a template and start designing.” Following the philosophy of the previous tools, DesignCap is a graphic editor for those who do not know or do not want to design but are forced to do so by certain circumstances.

From a template, DesignCap gives you everything practically done. You just have to apply your content in the form of text, graphics, and own images. As in the previous cases, you can create any graphic element, from brochures and presentations to design the graphics for your personal or professional Facebook or Instagram profiles.

The free version of DesignBold gives access to many exciting templates, some royalty-free photos, upload your images and export work done in JPG. If you need more features, graphic resources, you can be its premium subscriber.


It is an online graphic designer for non-designers. This is how Desygner is defined. It can be accessed by browsers, but also with versions for Android, iPhone, and iPad.

As usual in this type of graphic solution, you do not start from scratch, but you can open one of the many templates available to guide you and get some idea from what is already done. Specifically, you have the possibility of designing logos, advertisements, brochures, covers or cards, as well as editing images to publish on social networks or to create your brand image.

For the rest, you will also have access to free icons, graphics, and other resources. As for its graphics editor, it is very intuitive and everything is at hand, especially if you have worked with similar tools.

The free version of Desygner is complete. If you need to access all templates and resources freely, additional storage and other options, we can subscribe by checking out.


If you are afraid of a blank canvas, Design Wizard is perfect, because it has its own catalog of photographs and high-quality images. From here, with this practical editor, perform household tasks such as a congratulation, a business card or plan the graphic content of your Facebook profile to professional jobs such as newsletters, brochures, book covers or graphics for LinkedIn or YouTube.

To avoid running out of ideas, Design Wizard offers a selection of templates designed for any element or graphic creation you can imagine. Once you find the right template, you can start editing it and make it yours with your own ideas or graphic material.

The free version of DesignWizard is designed to work with the material provided by the tool itself. If you need to upload your images or store your creations on the Design Wizard servers, you can do so by subscribing to one of the paid versions.


In addition to the tools listed above, there are still many tools that can help you visualize your content. After using these graphic tools, you will know which tool is best for you.