4 Best Exercises to Burn Belly Fat

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By John Wick

If you have gained weight during the ongoing lockdown around the world, a few exercises can alleviate your problem without the need to go to the gym or a park.

Due to the global epidemic of coronavirus, there are severe and mild lockdowns all over the world due to which gyms, parks are closed, 24 hours stay at home and lack of physical activity is causing rapid weight gain.

Yes, if you are also worried about this situation, then at home, 4 exercises ‘Burpees’, ‘Squats Jumps’, ‘Plank Jacks’, ‘Lungs with an Oblique Toast’ will help you lose weight and melt belly fat in a matter of days.

The following 4 exercises recommended by fitness experts are ‘full-body exercises’. By activating the whole body together, you can lose weight fast and give the best results in a matter of days.

Here are best belly fat exercises.


Burping is an exercise during which the muscles of the chest, abdomen, legs, and arms are activated simultaneously, which helps to burn more calories.

How to Burpees?

  • Stand up straight and straighten your arms.
  • Now come to the squat position and then place your body above the ground with your arms and legs in the plank position.
  • Now bend your legs and jump up again.
  • Do this exercise for 10 minutes daily in two parts, repeat the same process 10 times in each part.
  • Take a maximum of 5 minutes after burping, then start the squats jump.

Squats jump

For this exercise, stand up straight and raise your arms upwards, keeping a distance of 1 to 1.5 feet between your feet, now jump downwards as if you are sitting on a chair.

Repeat this process twice in 10 minutes, making sure to do 10 squats in each set.

Plank Jacks

This exercise strengthens the abdominal muscles, helps to melt fat. Lie on your back on the ground like a normal plank exercise, now lift your whole body off the ground with your hands and feet.

Keeping your grip on your hands, now jump like a ‘jumping jacks’, bring the distance and bring the legs together again. Do this exercise in 2 sets for 10 minutes, apply at least 20 plank jacks in each set.

Lunges with an Oblique twist

Lunges with an Oblique Toast Exercise directly stimulates your abdominal and leg muscles, giving them a sedentary shape. This exercise builds endurance and also helps keep yourself balanced.

How to do Lunges with an Oblique twist?

Before doing this exercise, stand up straight on your feet and take a long step forward, now help yourself to sit on the back leg above the knee, and bend the front leg, then extend your arms. Slightly turn right and left, straightening forward. Now stand up straight, this time the leg that was earlier back is now forward and the front leg is backward.

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If you are afraid of falling during this exercise, you can also lean on a chair. Do this exercise continuously for 10 minutes. Make sure you take at least 20 to 30 seconds between repetitions.


The use of electrolytes improves balance and performance during exercise, so be sure to hydrate yourself before exercise, 30 minutes before exercise with plain water, milk, coconut milk, green tea, egg yolks, or salted squash.