Health Benefits of Green Tea

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Green Tea Benefits

Tea was discovered in China about five thousand years ago. It’s mean the discovery of tea is in honor of a Chinese emperor. The Chinese emperor added a few leaves of tea plants in hot water to change the taste of water. Everyone loves the taste of this. Initially, tea was only used by the Royal Family.

Due to its refreshing power, it was ordered to feed tea to troops daily. Due to this, it becomes popular among ordinary people also. There are different types of tea and coffee and its use is very common in Pakistan. When it comes to health, then Green Tea has many benefits. Due to so many health benefits, Green Tea is popular worldwide.

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8 Proven Health Benefits fo Green Tea

1: Fat Burning through Metabolic Action

According to experts, green tea facilitates the body through metabolic action to help reducing obesity. Obesity of every person is different but green tea helps to reduce obesity of any type. Caffeine in green tea increases the body performance.

2: Hearth Protection

There is a compound in green tea which is very helpful in relieving blood vessels and arteries. Over time, the fat starts to gather in arteries and gradually becomes tight. Due to this oxygen supply to heart got effected which increase the risk of a heart attack. This process takes years but when arteries got closed by fat then it creates serious consequences.

In this regard, the regular use of green tea can get you away from these problems. After research, the experts have said that the leaves of green tea contain a complex chemical epi-gelocetylene 3 gallate. The scientists have proven in the lab that this special compound affects a particular protein that is called apolipoprotein A1.

3: Useful to teeth

Green tea has the potential to remove bacteria. Due to this Green tea considered best for the health of teeth. Try drinking green tea without sugar so it does ‘not affect your teeth.

4: Best for Alzheimer’s

The research has shown that green tea protects the cells of the brain and thus prevents it from becoming redundant. Green tea helps to prevent illnesses like Alzheimer’s and Alzheimer’s disease at an early age and to prevent the risk of Parkinson’s disease. If there is too much tension, drinking vegetables can provide comfort. Alzheimer’s disease at an early age and to prevent the risk of Parkinson’s disease. If there is too much tension, drinking green tea can provide comfort.

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5: Reducing the Risk of Cancer

Antioxidants in green tea reduce the risk of cancer. It contains antioxidants, which help to strengthen the body naturally and improve the immune system. Researchers suggest that drinking green tea daily prevents the increased risk of cancer. This is useful for preventing prostate cancer and colon cancer.

6: Cholesterol

Green tea reduces bad cholesterol in the blood, & it increases the level of necessary cholesterol for health.

7: Digestion and Headache

If you are suffering from Headache and gas due to indigestion. So, it is recommended to have green tea with cardamom in it. Cardamom strengthens the salivary membrane that is present in the stomach. So it is very useful for acidity.

8: Reduce the risk of heart disease or diabetes

According to experts, the green tea controls angina and diabetes type two. If you drink green tea regularly so you can control the blood sugar level. In relation to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, the ingredients in green tea provide a stable and strong immune system against increased cholesterol in the blood vessels. High cholesterol is one of the leading causes of stroke and heart attack.

Green Tea Daily

You can improve your health by incorporating green tea into your daily routine. If you feel the taste of green tea bitter so you can add lemon or honey in it. Daily use of green tea is very beneficial for health.