6 Reasons to Use an Exercise Ball as an office chair

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When exercising, some people often use a stability ball to strengthen the core muscles. In this article, we will tell you that some people use this type of fitness equipment as an office chair. The use of an exercise ball has many benefits. In fact, there are many beneficial reasons to use an exercise ball at work. But, is this exercise ball is a safe and effective alternative for an office chair? What benefits this fitness can provide if we use it as an office chair?

Advantages of using exercise ball as office chair
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1: Frequent Change in Sitting Position

Sitting long hours can cause several health problems, such as back pain, joint disorder, hip pain and many more. One of the reasons for this is when you sit for long hours in the same position, especially when you have a bad posture. If you use an exercise ball as an office chair you will have to change your position frequently to keep your body steady. This exercise ball also helps you to improve the balance of your body – whether you are sitting, standing or walking.

2: Improvement in Blood Circulation

A traditional office chair can restrict the flow of your blood. As a result, it may cause tight muscles and pain problems. Using the exercise ball as an office chair is best to improve your blood circulation. As this fitness equipment forces you to change your positions so it is best to improve the circulation of blood. Using this exercise ball as an office chair will prevent you from back pain and tensed and tight muscle problems.

3: Help in Burning Calories

As mentioned above that sitting on an exercise ball requires some effort to keep your body stable. So, this can help you to burn calories while sitting. It only burns a small number of calories. If you are aiming to burn some unwanted calories, you have to stop eating high-calorie snacks. It is best to use nutritious foods with energy-boosting effects to satisfy your hunger.

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4: Workout

Sitting on an exercise ball at work, also gave you an abs workout. Remember that, you need to engage different muscle groups to stay stable on the ball such as, abdominal and leg muscles. This will not only help you to improve your balance while it will also help in strengthening the muscles. Using a fitness ball as an office chair prevents the tightening of your hamstrings. Usually, it happens due to sitting on a regular chair for long hours.

5: Energetic Feeling

Sitting or staying in one position for long hours causes an afternoon slump. If you are using a fitness ball so it will require small movements. As a result, it will give you a more energetic feeling while working at the office or anywhere.

6: Encouragement for sitting Properly

It looks very easy to sit on the fitness ball, but it requires a lot of effort to sit on it. This is especially true for the people who are using this equipment for the first time. If you start using this equipment you will start to learn how to keep your body stable on it. Last but not the least reason for using an exercise ball as an office chair is encouraging you to sit properly. It will help you in correcting your posture problems.

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Is Using Exercise Ball as Office chair is safe and effective?

Although, using a fitness ball is an office chair has many beneficial reasons, but it also has some disadvantages. If someone uses it improperly it can cause muscle fatigue and other possible injuries. Another disadvantage is that you can’t take relax during your break. So, don’t throw away your ergonomic office chair, especially if you have a high-quality one.

It is suggested to use this equipment for one or two hours and switch back to your regular office chair. With this method, you can get benefits from using an exercise ball without hurting yourself. Note, don’t forget to stand up and stretch. This will help you to prevent the negative effects of sitting for long hours.