7 Best Tips For Building Muscles

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Who wouldn’t like a muscular body? Girls love an hourglass figure or washboard abs to flex, while every guy would definitely appreciate six-pack abs on himself. If you resonate with this, you might be interested in figuring out how exactly does muscle-building works. If you’ve got even a little bit of a fitness freak in you, you must have definitely come across tips like increasing your protein intake or have whey protein supplements. But as it is rightly said, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, here is a beginner’s guide to muscle building. Let’s get pumping!

1. Be Pro Protein

If you’ve heard that building muscle needs you to up your protein intake, you have heard it right. If you’re wondering why then here’s the reason. When you work out ( and if you don’t, you will have to because there’s no other way you can build muscle mass) you create tiny, micro-tears in your muscles. The body needs amino acids – which it gets from protein – to fill these tears and hence make the muscles bigger and stronger. Again, this also implies that simply eating protein will not help you build muscle mass, you will have to maintain a balance of a proper diet that is rich in protein and other vital nutrients, exercise, and weight training.

2. Eat Whole Foods

To gain muscle mass, you will have to quit processed, packed, and unhealthy junk food. Your diet should be clean and healthy, packed with nutrient-rich foods like meat, eggs, pulses, vegetables, and whole grains like quinoa, barley, etc. Not only protein, but they are also amazing sources of fiber too – the next most important nutrient for muscle building after protein. Fibre carries out the waste byproducts after muscle production, making it an indispensable part of your muscle-building diet.

3. Don’t Skip Breakfast

Do not starve yourself until lunch hours. All that hard work in the gym will go in vain if you end up gorging on high-calorie food for lunch the next day. As someone who is serious about fixing his/her diet for muscle gain, you need to give utmost importance to having breakfast first thing in the morning. Having an early, protein-rich breakfast like a bowl of oatmeal, eggs, nuts, etc. will ensure that you are full for a longer part of the day. This will also mean that you do not get hunger pangs and end up eating something unhealthy during the day.

4. ‘Carb’ Down

It isn’t like you do not need carbohydrates at all for muscle building. It is just that its intake should be moderated. Your body gets its energy from carbohydrates, but in the form of calories, and this is where it gets tricky. While you are on your muscle-building spree, you must consume enough carbs that give your body the calories to break down into energy while you’re working or working out. Consuming any less will cause the body to break down protein for energy, and you do not want that. Eating diets that are moderate or high in carbohydrates will improve your energy levels, prevent muscle breakdown and promote faster recovery after training. All of this leads to amped-up muscle growth. If you are struggling to get the perfect body shape, apetamin syrup can help you gain weight and get your desired body shape.

5. Fruits And Vegetables

Just like carbohydrates, you need to eat fruits in moderation. All you have to do is exclude the ones with high sugar and high-calorie content, and eat the rest of the lot. You can even eat fruits and boiled vegetables as an entire meal and still have gained consumed as good as no fat – a plus point for a muscle-building diet. Fruits and vegetables are also good sources of protein, vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and fiber, all of which are extremely important for your body. Incorporate fruits and vegetables in your daily meals for better digestion, improved metabolism.

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6. Smaller Meals, More Meals

Eating smaller but regular meals have a two-fold benefit. One, once your body is used to eating lesser in a go, eventually the capacity of your stomach will decrease, and your waist will trim. Two, having smaller and regular meals during the course of the day will also make sure that you do not get very hungry at any point in time during the day and end up eating unhealthy 4 PM snacks like chips and soda.

7. Work Them Out!

As mentioned in the above pointers, you will have to pair the diet part with exercise, workout, strength training or weight training. Working out is an indispensable part of muscle building, that you sadly, cannot evade. Be it at home or at the gym, you need to start working your muscles in order to make the gain possible. Leg exercises, push and pull exercises and core exercises are the forms of workout you can easily do at home. Adding some weight as you progress in your workout will be an added bonus for the muscles.

Feel inspired yet to start your journey towards a chiseled body? Well then, get to work already! Remember, staying focused and never losing hope is crucial parts of any endeavor, just like this one. So, stay strong, and you will definitely get stronger. Good luck!

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