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Biography of Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik

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The Biography of Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik CEO – Wiki, Personal and Career Details

Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik is one of the reputed and respected names in the Pakistan real estate industry and he is also the CEO of Bahria Town. He is also one of the richest personalities in Pakistan and the son of the famous developer, Malik Riaz Hussain. His person comes with great business acumen and knowledge in the industry and his father is one of the leading names in the industry. All his qualities are inherited from his father who is also a great business leader.


Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik is also the visionary leader who brought the dream project of first island city in Pakistan by joining hands with Thomas Kramer, one of the leading US business tycoons, in 2013. He has signed an agreement to develop Bodha and Bunda islands in the city of Karachi and he came forward with a landmark agreement to develop a lot of business clusters for various purposes along the process.


Ahmed Ali Riaz exercises two times a day and he is a big fitness freak. He believes in a balanced diet and he takes proper rest. He believes strongly in healthy habits to improve mental stability, physical appearance and performs in a better way. It can also help you enjoy stress-free living and maintain high energy levels, happy moods and avoid health problems in an easy way. He believes that each person should take care of their health and they shouldn’t skip any day without exercise. It helps improve mental health and strength. Happiness should be the main goal and it should be part of fit and healthy living.


With that in mind, Ahmed Ali Riaz ensures that every project would have parks, gyms, football grounds, riding clubs, tennis courts, and swimming pools so the residents can also lead a healthy living. He also started Gold Spa & Fitness Club which is a very popular and promising project in Bahria Town at Mall of Lahore and Country Club in Lahore. He also started Safari Gym in Rawalpindi with all modern equipment and qualified trainers.


This way, everyone can reach their fitness goal. Bahria Town Lahore and Rawalpindi also have riding clubs where one can have the best riding facilities. These clubs have well-trained staff and facilities to provide joyful horse riding experience. Every sector of the Bahria town project has parks in Lahore, Karachi, and Rawalpindi to enjoy a pleasant experience.


All in all, Ali Riaz Malik takes care of his healthy diet which includes healthy and nutritious food including fresh and green vegetables, milk, fruits, eggs, protein, minerals, and vitamins which are vital for human life. Health is known to be a very important thing a person should look for. Leading to a healthy life brings success, happiness, and great achievements. He takes the proper time for his friends and family and he also has a world-class gym at his home. It truly reflects his passion to lead active living. He is well regarded to have an active and positive lifestyle and attitude towards life.