How to start an eCommerce Business?

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The meaning of eCommerce is electronic commerce or business. Simply put, buying and selling goods or services through an online website is called e-commerce. Due to its many benefits, this concept has become very popular all over the world.

Thanks to e-commerce, the user can view and buy the product of their choice without wasting time and compare the price, quantity, ingredients of different items in their place, which is probably not possible in the traditional market.

If you are already running a business or you want to start a new business, you must get information about e-commerce. Having basic e-commerce information will make it easier for you to decide if you want to take a step in that direction.

How to start an eCommerce business? 

If you want to step into the line of e-commerce then you need these basic things.

  • E-commerce website
  • System preparation
  • Advertising campaign

eCommerce Website:

All you need first is an “e-commerce website” on which you will present your products/services. If you want to do serious business then my suggestion is to start with your personal domain name instated of using social media.

You can get an “e-commerce website” developed by an expert/company, or you can learn website designing yourself.

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Which is not very difficult, infect it is an interesting activity. Especially if you are young and you have less capital and more time, then my advice to you is to learn “website designing”.

System preparation:

Getting started with e-commerce takes a lot of effort, but it gets easier later. To make things easier, and to improve and streamline the service, you need a system that you can configure to suit your needs.

In traditional business, the customer comes to the shop himself, pays and takes the goods. But here the customer only places an order on your website. You are responsible for receiving the order, packing the goods, delivering to the customer’s home, and receiving the money.

Don’t worry it’s not an issue, e-commerce is much easier now than before. Now all issues are resolved in a “ready-made” manner.

Here are the responsibilities of your E-Commerce Website.

Goods Presentation


Order taker

Who will deliver products?

Order packing and responsibility of connecting with courier service is yours or any of your employees. Yes, the courier will deliver your products to customers.

Money transactions:

Users can use their credit cards to pay for goods or services. Many foreign companies provide assistance in this regard. In addition, the services of all mobile phone companies are available for payment.

Advertising campaign

After the completion of the website, the most difficult task is to get customers. The more serious customers visit your website, the better the chances of success. How do you get online customer attention now? So don’t worry it is not very difficult.

There is a solution to this task as well. There are many individuals/companies in the market that are able to run your online advertising campaign at a very reasonable fee. In the beginning, you can get their services. Gradually you can learn these skills yourself.

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Google AdWords offers a great solution for online advertising campaigns. Here you can decide what kind of person, area, age, gender, and interest this ad looks for. The results of “Google AdWords” are excellent because of the ability to focus.

In addition, you can run a reasonable fee advertising campaign on Facebook and other social media. Which makes your business popular in a very short time.

Benefits of eCommerce to a Businessman

It can reduce the cost of space, staff, supervision, rent, etc. For example, you can reduce the size of your sell point/showroom. You do not need to store large quantities of items. Products can be purchased as per order requirement.

Managing a business gives you accurate information and it makes decision making easy for you. This not only reduces the option cost, but also increases the probability.

You can reconnect with your customers. They can automatically send emails, SMS, with your website working as an open showroom all the time, on which you can also place advertisements for your other goods/services. E-commerce gets rid of all kinds of ‘human mistakes’.

Getting a front store or “space of opportunity” is not possible for everyone, but with an e-commerce website it is 100% possible to increase the number of your customers without changing your location.

Benefits of eCommerce to Customers

Saves user time and energy. Sometimes this source is even cheaper. For example, if a student lives in a small town, and needs a book, travel costs often exceed the cost of the book.

There are a lot of middlemen (distributors) in between the goods reach the consumer, whose profits are also paid by the customer, which increases the cost of goods/services.

Thanks to e-commerce, the “manufacturer” has a direct link to the “user”.

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