5 Tips for choosing the best Education Program

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Career planning, i.e. what field of education you want to choose and in what field you want to work after completing your education. Question is that how to choose the best education program? Well, the best way is to contact a professional career counselor who can guide you through this. Choosing the best education program is a very important decision in a person’s life. There this decision has to make after doing good research.

Another way to plan your career is to follow the steps that professional career counselors use. This method allows you to more easily and more effectively determine which field is more beneficial for you as a student or for your child as a parent.

Students or parents should consider the following 5 Tips for choosing the best Education Program.

  • IQ test
  • Trend / Mood
  • Interest
  • Economic conditions
  • Gender

Basic Intelligence / IQ Level Test:

This test aims to measure the mental abilities of any human being on a scientific basis to determine if the student has the basic ability to go to the desired field.

By the way, as a parent you know better about your child and each student knows better about himself/herself, his / her mental capacity, and whether he/she should be admitted in this course/field or not. This is a prerequisite for better career planning. There are many books available in the market that you can use to find out basic intelligence. There is also an innovative IQ test that provides more comprehensive information. Nowadays IQ test is also done through the computer.

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In the IQ test, only the student’s literacy and memory quality are checked. But keep in mind that this test is only in English, so this method is only useful for children whose English is very good.

The higher the score, the more intelligent the student is. The average person’s IQ test ranges from 70 to 90. While a person who scores more than 90 points is considered intelligent. Most scientists have an IQ of around 120. Some experts believe that the famous scientist Albert Einstein will have an IQ of 160 points. The IQ test consists of several sections, in which an average estimate is made by assessing science, language, social comprehension, math, and the ability to solve complex problems and proficiency in various areas of life.


In order to succeed in practical life, the choice of any field requires that the student’s attitude towards that field be correct. Attitudes can be changed, but it requires a lot of hard work. So it is better to choose a field that has the general attitude of the student.

For example, children who cannot do more strenuous physical work may not want to choose the police or the military because they face the most strenuous physical work, harsh conditions, and tiring daily routines throughout their lives.

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If a student does not have the desired temperament and chooses the police or the military, he must choose one of two things: either quit his job or change his attitude or temperament. Because it is very difficult to change attitudes, the recruitment process in such departments is difficult so that only people with the desired attitude/temperament can succeed.

Students who want to change/correct their attitude should adopt the behavior that their favorite field needs. Always keep a positive opinion of yourself. And meet the successful and unsuccessful people in the field you want to pursue, and learn from them the reasons for their success and failure.

Student’s personal interest:

No work can be taken from any human being against his will. Even if it is forced to work, it will not have the sophistication that comes with doing it with interest. Similarly, unless a student has a personal interest in a job, he will not succeed in it.

Therefore, most parents need to understand that they should not impose their will on their children and take care of the interests of the students in the career selection stages, otherwise all their hard work will be wasted later.

Remember that in practical life people do not fail because they did not have the talent or they were not intelligent, or they did not have a high degree. Rather, they failed simply because they acted recklessly without interest.

Family Financial Conditions:

It is important to consider your family’s financial situation when choosing any course for yourself or your child. If you belong to a middle-class family and you know that medical education is very expensive. So, change your will and choose any other filed and create interest in it. As you know your family isn’t capable of paying fees for your medical study.

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Girls should choose the fields in which they do not have much difficulty if they want to work in practical life. In some cases it has been observed that girls of their choice obtained degrees in civil engineering with good marks but could not get jobs in good companies.

Because the owners of private companies used to tell them that if we hire men instead of you. They can work in the office as well as on-site as a site engineer in roads, bridges, and forests, while “Lady Civil Engineer” cannot do this. If we hire you, we as a site engineer will have to pay another person extra, so sorry.

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According to career counseling experts, if such girls had chosen architecture instead of civil engineering, they would not have had much difficulty in practical life and their passion for construction would have been fulfilled.

Similarly, young boys cannot work as primary school teachers. They will quickly get fed up with the little ones in the class and immediately start torturing them.


Choosing the best education program is the most important decision for every student and his family. So each student has to choose the best field for himself based on his personality, ability, desire, mental capacity, financial resources, and practical needs. You have to make a choice.

Because the needs and problems of each individual in society are different. One department may be better for one student but worse for another. Therefore, each person has to decide for himself according to his resources and circumstances which the education sector is best for him.