The 9 Most Romantic Places to Study Abroad

Do you wish to pursue MBBS in abroad? Are you looking out for the options to study abroad? If yes, then there are many countries abroad that provide the best quality education to the students all across the world.

Here is a list of top 9 romantic places to study abroad:


Rome is at the top of the list of romantic places to study abroad. Undoubtedly among the foremost romantic cities in Europe, Rome offers the prospect of paying sunny afternoons sipping coffee in historic piazzas along with your spouse. Rome guarantees charm and class by the bucketload, yet because the best food, pizza pie and frozen dessert around (so you’ll have masses to console you if your romance turns bitter.) Rome was hierarchical seventieth within the most up-to-date QS Best Student Cities.

Top universities in Rome, supported the QS World University Rankings® 2020:

  •   Sapienza University of Rome (203rd within the world),
  •   Universita Degli Studi Di Roma – Tor Vergata (511-520),
  •   UniversitàdegliStudi Roma Tre (801-1000).


 Austrian capital Vienna was hierarchical thirteenth within the most up-to-date QS Best Student Cities and is ideal for foodies and history lovers alike. If you and your beloved area unit daring varieties, Vienna is simply a couple of hours from some glorious ski resorts (and even higher après-ski). Whether or not you wish to observe couples travel as you watch the globe from a comfortable restaurant or take a visit to the opera, Vienna is your town.

Top universities in Vienna:

  •   University of Vienna (joint 154th within the world),
  •   Vienna University of Technology (joint 192nd).


It is also the best romantic places to study abroad. Known as the birthplace of philosophy, in antiquity, Athens had a preferred cult of Greek deity and her son Eros, the deities of affection and need. Like these immortals, the town itself holds important powers of attraction, keeping the senses saturated with the dazzling sun, delicious Mediterranean cooking and a mess of recent and historic sites to explore. Watch the sunset over the enduring bastion, and muse on all the nice thinkers – and lovers – who’ve visited the identical spot before you.

Top universities in Athens:

  •   National Technical University of Athens (joint 454th within the world),
  •   National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (651-700),
  •       Athens University of Economy and Business (801-1000).


Although you may argue that port is sometimes related to passion instead of romance, the Argentinian capital is nevertheless famous as a town of seduction. It’s not simply the splendidly aesthetical tango obtaining individuals all heated up; the town conjointly offers an associate eclectic mixture of cuisines, cultural sights, and natural surroundings. In short, it’s a good town to explore with a beloved or perhaps for meeting that perfect study abroad partner. the town conjointly presently comes in at thirty first within the Best Student Cities.

Top universities in the port:

  •   Universidad Diamond State Buenos Aires (74th within the world),
  •   Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina Santa María Diamond State Los port (joint 344th) and Universidad Austral (joint 400th).


An additional tranquil difference to the Japanese capital, the metropolis is one amongst the foremost picturesque places to review abroad, particularly throughout the spring associated summer months once the city’s historic temples area unit complemented by an abundance of cherry blossom. Presently hierarchical eighteenth among the world’s high cities for college kids within the QS Best Student Cities aboard close cities port and Kobe, the metropolis is widely loved for its historic Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples, yet as its ancient tea ceremonies. UN agency can you share a cup with?

Top universities in the metropolis:

  •   Kyoto University (joint thirty third within the world),
  •   Ritsumeikan University (801-1000) and
  •   Metropolis Institute of Technology (801-1000).


A constant feature in lists of the world’s most romantic cities, Paris is beyond any doubt one amongst the foremost amorous places to review in Europe, yet as being a frontrunner stylish and class. Take pleasure in gourmand cooking and high fashion or get pleasure from the easy pleasures in life – grab some bread, cheese and your beloved and stake out a picnic spot on the brink of the tower. With comparatively cheap fees and an enormous choice of universities, Paris was hierarchical the world’s seventh-best town for college kids within the latest QS Best Student Cities.

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Top universities in Paris:

  •   Université PSL (53rd within the world), university University (77th),
  •   Medium ParisTech (joint 224th) and
  •   Sciences Po Paris (242nd).


New York is that the star of myriad romantic comedies – and with smart reason, with the twinkling Manhattan skyline and also the urban oasis of commons. The city’s various array of cultural venues and distinctive neighborhoods means no matter your interests, you’re bound to realize a likeminded soul. To feature to the attraction for college kids, any conjointly boasts one amongst the world’s most spectacular alternatives of internationally hierarchical universities. Whether or not its love initially sight or a slow-burning affair, NYC wins each heart within the finish.

Top universities in New York:

  •   Columbia (joint eighteenth within the world),


A town of pretty archways, medieval design and vivacious nightlife, the Czech capital is unquestionably another of the foremost romantic places to review in Europe. The national capital offers several charms akin to those of Paris – lovely riverside views, world-renowned art, nice food, and drink – yet as a fair additional enticing tag. Wander the historic cobblestoned streets arm in arm and realize your own favorite among the city’s several cozy places to eat and drink. Despite however long your romance lasts, Czech capital guarantees to stay giving new delights.

Top universities in Prague:

  •   Charles University (joint 291st within the world),
  •   University of Chemistry and Technology,
  •   Czech capital (355th) and
  •   Czech Technical University in Czech capital (joint 498th).


Finally, Turkey’s metropolis is that an excellent place to review for loved-up explorers, able to mix the colorful hustle and bustle of the town center with opportunities for a quieter quality time along. Escape the busy streets by visiting the islands simply off the city’s shores, or pay a special moment along soaking in a very dazzling sunset across the seascape. Istanbul’s vivacious culture and centuries of historic design give 2 additional reasons to fall gaga with the place, from the comprehensive sensory immersion of the spice market to the luxurious Topkapi Palace.

Top universities in Istanbul:

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