What is Career Guidance?

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Career is an English word, and it has many meanings. But I like the translation “lifestyle” more accurately here. “Guidance” is also a commonly used word in English. Which means “guidance.” That is, “lifestyle guidance.”

There are only a few out of millions of students whose chosen field is really their favorite field, as a result they are never able to perform in the field that is required of that field.

In this article, we will tell you will learn about

  • What is the importance of career guidance?
  • Disadvantages of choosing the wrong career
  • What are the benefits of career planning?

What is the importance of career guidance?

The main purpose of education in the present age is to make children easily employable, because from individual to individual, from individual to family, and from families to nation. The individual who is the basic unit of society, unless he is prosperous, no nation and country can be prosperous.

Consider the United Nations today, you will see prosperous people behind prosperous countries. The simple fact is that when a person becomes prosperous, his purchasing power increases. Being able to buy more of it creates new employment opportunities in the society.

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Many people get jobs with one successful person. For example, with a successful doctor, jobs are created for computer, nurse, office boy, driver, janitor, financier, cook, housewife, sweeper, etc.

So that’s why career guidance is very important.

Now because all members of society want their children to be successful, they work hard, and to the best of their ability. While many families spend more “energy” on them than they can afford.

Here I use the word “energy” because usually only financial resources are counted for the education of children, while in addition to money, parents also endure a lot of mental and physical hardship.

But usually, when a student completes his education, he does not get a job in the department in which he has studied. This causes severe stress not only to the young person but also to his family. And sometimes there are terrible accidents.

Sometimes people got a job but for noting.

Disadvantages of choosing the wrong career

There are many disadvantages to choosing the wrong career, and choosing the wrong career is detrimental not only to an individual, but to the whole society. The biggest disadvantage is that the number of educated unemployed graduates is increasing every year.

Those who choose the wrong field usually suffer from mental disorders. As a result, illnesses such as depression, lack of sleep are on the rise. While sometimes traumatic events such as suicide due to depression and stress also occur.

Therefore, students and especially parents should pay more attention to career planning. So that the wrong field is not chosen in ignorance, which wastes many precious years of life.

What are the benefits of career planning?

  • Well, there are always benefits of career planning, but here we are telling you some benefits of career planning.
  • Proper planning increases the chances of success.
  • Once you have a plan, Plan B and Plan C are automatically created.
  • Once the destination or goal has been set, the frustration will reduce, and the interest in the tasks will increases.
  • Saves resources, time, capital, and energy
  • Because you get information for planning in many ways, you avoid fraudulent people / educational institutions.
  • Goal setting shortens your journey to success.
  • The society has competent people who are more interested in their field.

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We should try our best to implement career planning. And learn as much as you can about improving our individual and collective lives.