How to earn money with Website Template Designing?

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Website Template Designing:

There are currently millions of websites around the world. These websites vary in their content and purpose. Some of them are related to business and some are related to news, education, literature, entertainment, science, culture, and politics.

But no matter what the topic, and no matter how standard the content on the website is, the majority of people consider websites that offer beautiful content to be good. In this way, physical beauty is just as important as website content.

It may be that a team on a website is working hard to produce technically better content but is not getting as much attention from people as it deserves. In this case, the weakness of the website may be due to its appearance.

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This shortcoming can be addressed with the help of a good theme or template. That way the website can become more public and more attention or web traffic means more revenue.

There are two ways to make websites beautiful.

Method 1:

Hire a full-time employee who specializes in this task and has the ability to improve the quality of the website template.

This is a very expensive job because a good web designer in Pakistan, who is capable of doing standard work, has to pay a minimum salary of Rs 40,000 per month. While web designers of other countries ask for 25$ to 200$ per hour for this type of job.

Method 2:

The second method is easier and cheaper and is currently in vogue in the market. That is to buy a pre-made template from a professional person/organization or to change any template available for free on the internet according to your needs. This method is not only cheap and effective but also has a wide market to choose from.

How can you make money?

A person who specializes in template designing is called a template designer. In their spare time, such people create various templates and put them up for sale on their own or other websites.

In a way, such people are artists who, like calligraphers, painters, and sculptors, use their creativity to create beautiful templates that are liked by the majority of people.

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Institutions and individuals can buy templates from them according to their needs or get them to create a new template according to their wishes and needs.

In addition, website owners pay to make changes to the old template according to their own standards. Most template designers work freelance.

Who should take up this department?

If you have a penchant for art and can make a good use of your hidden talents through graphics, colors, and other digital methods, then this path can be a path to growth and success for you. And it’s not difficult, you can start today.

Required Skills and Tools for Website Template Designing: 

Template designing is basically web designing. Click to Learn website development.

To do this you need to use graphics designing programs like Photoshop / Coral Draw / Freehand etc. as well as basic website building programs like HTML, CSS, PHP, .NET, ASP, etc. You need to be aware of how templates work in them.

Most websites today use a content management system (CMS), including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and more. These systems have some special rules and regulations for template design that need to be learned.

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However, mastering these tools is not a very complicated and difficult task. Any talented person can learn template designing through a three-month to one-year course from any institute in every major city, or you can get training from home through online videos.

Expected earnings from Website Template Designing:

Since this work is related to art or craft, there is no fixed formula for it. People in the market are receiving a fee of ten thousand to one lakh rupees for designing a template.

Similarly, customers from other countries can be charged 250 to 1,200 dollars to design a custom template online.

While the sale price of your template can range from 15 dollars to 250 dollars per copy. It means if you sell 100 copies in one year worth of 50$ you can make 5000$ yearly.

This is a part-time job, you have to work hard once (for a day or two) to design a template. After that the sales of that template will pay you back for many years.

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Currently, besides Pakistanis, young people from India, Bangladesh, and Malaysia are working in this field and bringing home millions of dollars a month online from their home/office.

And since this is a creative work, it is not possible for anyone to have a monopoly on it and it does not matter whether you belong to a big country, city, and region or live in a small town.

Your creative work is valued in the market and if your work gets people’s attention, you too can earn thousands of dollars a month sitting at home.