9 Proven Ways to Get Traffic to Your Blog

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You are a freelancer? Just start a blog or website? Have published interesting posts on it, But you don’t have any traffic on your blog and struggling to get visitors on your site.

It is very painful for a newbie who started a blog and spends time to write content and now getting no traffic. Traffic on the website does not come automatically. You have to work hard on your website’s SEO to get more visitors on your site. Here in this article, we will tell you about 9 proven ways to get visitors on your website. We have some useful information for you reading SEO of your website. Check this SEO related information.

How to drive traffic to your website

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Here are 9 ways that you can start to get traffic to your blog.

1: Attention-Grabbing Headlines/Meta Titles

Headings are most important in a Blog post. It is the first thing that visitors read on a blog. So, it is very important to write attention-grabbing headings. Attention-grabbing headings are very important if you share your content on social media and you don’t have attention-grabbing headings so no one will come to your website. It is very important to write the best and attention-grabbing headings related to your content.

Here are some tips to write engaging and attention-grabbing headings.

Use numbers on headings for example if you are writing content on money-saving on vacations, So your heading should be like this” 10 Ways to Save Money on Holidays” is much better and attention-grabbing than “How to save money on Holidays”. So using numbers in the heading is best to grab the attention of visitors.

Using interesting adjectives is another tip to grab the attention of visitors. For example, using incredible instead of great or use fascinating instead of cool.

You should make a short headings. Suggested characters for headings are under 70 ad google show less than 70 characters in search results.

2: Focus on SEO of Your Website

It is very important for you to think about how you can improve the SEO of your website to bring more visitors to your site. If you will succeed to do the best SEO of your website so it will bring huge visitors to your website. Google continuously changes its algorithm so you need to be smart enough to notice the changes and do SEO accordingly.

Check out his On-Page SEO Guide for Beginners 2020 this will surely help you to improve rankings of your blog or business website.

3: Social Media

It is one of the best ways to get more traffic on your website. If you a writing high quality and worth reading content and attention-grabbing meta titles of your post so it is best to share content on social media sites like, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumbler, Quora, Reddit, Pinterest and on many other sites to get more visitors.

4: Blog Commenting

It is another way to bring traffic to your site. You can search for niche relevant blogs on google and can do comments on those sites to get backlinks and visitors for your blog or website. Most of the people do spam comments and that’s why their comments go removed the admin do not accept. It is suggested to find your topic related blogs for blog commenting. Here are some tips for blog commenting.

  1. Find Niche Relevant Blogs
  2. Read Blog Post Carefully
  3. Comment your thoughts on the post
  4. Ask questions
  5. Always use authentic email and real name

If your comment is attention-grabbing than it will get you more visitors on your website.

5: Guest Post or Guest Blogging

Searching for one of the best SEO techniques so here it is “Guest Post” or “Guest Blogging” is one of the best techniques to get backlinks and to get more and more visitors on your website. For guest posting, you have to search for niche or topic related websites. You can ask to provide your niche relevant website owner a high-quality content to post on his website.

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This practice will give you many new visitors. It is also best for off-page SEO as blacklining from niche relevant sites is best to get high ranking in search results. Some useful tips for Guest Posting Opportunities.

  1. Provide High-Quality Content
  2. Choose niche-related topic
  3. Be humble

If you are searching your niche related sites for guest posting and asking them for guest post opportunity on their website, so make sure to offer high-quality content.

6: Start a Mailing List

Building an email list is best to bring more traffic to your blog or website. You can build a mail list with the contact details of interested blog followers. This mailing list can be used to send posts to your followers in their mailbox. You can send all the latest posts to your blog followers on email to get more visitors on your website.

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There are many plug inns are available in WordPress that allows you to show a pop-up box that will ask your visitors to sign up for the mailing list. If you have worth reading content on your blog so there will be chances that people will follow your blog and whenever you will make a new post they will get that post in the mailbox.

7: Forums and Facebook Groups

Internet is full of forums and Facebook is full of groups. You can find any niche Facebook groups and forums on the internet. You can join your niche related forums and Facebook groups to share your content to get more visitors to your website.

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8: Trending and Controversial Topics

If you want to get more visitors on your website so write on trending and controversial topics. For example, nowadays, the Coronavirus outbreak is trending, so if you are writing about this deadly Coronavirus outbreak so you will get a huge number of visitors from all around the world. As you now coronavirus is spreading very fast in the whole world so trending topics like this can help you to get millions of visitors in no time.

9: Videos of Content

It is one of the best that you make a video of your post and share it on YouTube. As everybody loves to watch helpful and informative videos. People don’t pay attention to reading long articles so it is best to write long content for SEO and make it short in videos. This practice will engage your visitors. You can embed YouTube videos in your blog posts so with reading content your visitors will watch a video as well. It is best to make interesting, engaging and some humor fully funny videos to engage views.

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These are the tips to grow traffic on your website or blog. If you found this information helpful so please share it and share your tips with us in comments. What strategies do you use to get traffic?