How Can I Promote My Website For Free in 2020

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Are you looking for how to promote your website for free in 2021? If yes you are in right place. In today’s article, you will learn about the 11 best techniques to rank your website for free in 2021. Below are the 11 methods to promote your site without paying a single penny.

1. Social Media

Social media platforms are the best platforms to promote any business or any website or any niche blog. There are billions of users on Social media platforms. Social media platforms like, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and many other sites are really helpful in promoting any business. You can find 1000’s social media sites and web 2.0 to promote your website for free in 2021.

These social media sites have billions of users daily so you can share your article or blog posts or your products on these social media platforms and can get a large audience on your site. This is the cheapest and best way to promote any business.

2. Email Marketing

Email Marketing in 2021 - How can I promote my website for free

If you are looking for a conventional method to reach out to your target audience then here is the email marketing for you. You can use email marketing to reach your target audience for free. This is the 2nd best method to promote any business in the world. Here in 2021, it is known as the best method to get interesting clients. Email marketing is the most effective way of promoting any product or business.

There are many free and paid email marketing provider services. The free method will be a limited feature but it is also effective for startups. You can get a free method of email marketing to promote your site or blog.

3. Quora Answering

quora question and answering platform

This is the most effective method to promote your site or product. You can find the audience on Quora related to your niche or product. You can answer their queries on quora and can pull this audience on your site. Quora is a very big question and answering community. It has billions of users. You can choose quora answering to promote your business.

You know Quora is not just a forum you might have noticed that the questions asked on quora appear on the first page of search engine results and this is gonna help you in getting a large audience on your website for free in 2021. So don’t wait and start using quora and promote your product or site for free.

4. Twitter Marketing

twitter marketing

Twitter marketing is on top of social media marketing tools. It is the most effective way to promote your brand or business site. You can use Twitter hashtags to reach out to billion users on Twitter for free in 2021. You can use a Twitter advertisement plan to get a high audience on your site.

5. Pinterest Marketing


Pinterest marketing

Pinterest is a photo-sharing site. It is the most effective and one of the best free sources of promoting any business or any niche blog site. Most newbie bloggers and sites owner is not aware of the importance of Pinterest marketing.

Pinterest has sections of every single topic or any niche. You can share a picture related to business and products and get a high audience for free from Pinterest in 2021. It is the most used and one of the best off-page SEO techniques.

6. Guest Blogging Or Guest Posting

Guest blogging or guest posting to promote your website for free in 2020

You are looking for free backlinks from high authority sites then here is the method of getting backlinks for free by doing guest blogging or guest posting. It is the best and most prominent way to promote your business or any niche blog. Safari SEO Sydney advises that guest blogging for free is not easy and requires a lot of work but definitely has its merits for search engine optimization. It will require a lot of outreach to actually find a blog willing to accept your guest post and more work to write the article to a high standard.

Read more about guest blogging: List of Free Guest Posting or Guest Blogging Sites 

7. YouTube Marketing

YouTube marketing

If you have video content then here is the best marketing technique.  YouTube is the most used video application or website in the world. It has billions of users daily around the world.

You can promote your website, blog, or product on YouTube and can get a high audience from YouTube. YouTube marketing is not as expensive.

It is suggested to create video content and post on YouTube and put your YouTube videos on your blog and earn with Google AdSense.

8. Online Forum Posting

Online Forum Posting

They are really helpful to get a high audience on your site. Forums are the best and cheapest way to promote your site for free in 2021. There are many online forums on interest-based. You can find online forums related to your product or niche.

Join online forums and select topics related to your niche or product and start posting and promote your site or brand for free in 2021. These online forums are free and some of them are paid if you are a startup then use free online forums.

9. Infographics

Infographics to create backlinks for free

You know very few audiences or visitors on your site have that affinity to read through all the content is written by you. Infographic content helps readers greatly to get interested in the content written by you. You will also get benefits if some user shares the infographic on their site or on their social media profiles. This is also the free and best way to promote your site for free in 2021.

10. Video Posts

Video posts to promte your content for free in 2020

You know video posts can attract audiences to a large number of audiences to your website and can help you in getting high traffic. Reading content nowadays is not many prominent people don’t waste time to read long blogs they often use video content to learn. So here is the best advance to get a high audience by posting video posts on your blog.

You don’t need any professional video recording camera you can use your smartphone to record high-quality videos and you can post on your blog website and can earn high traffic on your website for free in 2021.

11. Social Media Share Button

Social Media share buttons to promote your site for free

Use social media share buttons at the end of your post and reader of your blog if found your content helpful will share your content on social media platforms by using these social media share buttons and it will be very helpful for your site and you will get a very high audience on your website. So you need to write content user-friendly content that attracts readers and the reader must share your content.


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