3 Proven Ways to Earn Money Online

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Earn Money Online

Most of us consider that making money online is very difficult work but in fact, it’s not true. Nowadays making money online has become very easier. If we go 10 to 15 years back so we can find many examples of frauds on making money online so that’s the reason nowadays some people considered it a scam or waste of time. That was the reason which put them off and they never tried to explore online earning options. But, now the time has changed now it’s very easy to make money online.

In this article, we will tell our readers about 3 proven methods to earn money online. These three online money making methods are being tested by millions of peoples worldwide whom we call freelancers.

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Things to consider to make money Online:

First of all, you need to consider the following things before exploring online money-making opportunities.

  • You have to learn the basics of computer
  • You have to learn English speaking and writing
  • A will to learn online to money

Let’s move on and check the three methods that you can choose as a carrier and can make a lot of money online from the comfort of your home.

Method #1 – Make Money from YouTube

If we go two decades back, no one could think about that a time will come and we will be able to watch visual content online anywhere in the world and none of us thought that it would possible to earn money online as a content publisher or creator. It is such a platform on which you can upload quality video content and can earn a very handsome amount every month. YouTube lets you earn money if some visitors watch your content on the YouTube channel.

YouTube marketing

Google wants its publisher to provide only quality content and genuine content to YouTube viewers. YouTube does not allow copy or pirated content. You just need 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch time on your YouTube video to earn money with YouTube’s partner program AdSense.

You just need to work hard to create quality content to get more views on your videos to earn money from YouTube.

Method #2 – Make Money Online With Blogging

Blogging is one of the easiest ways to make money online. If you have a good interest in writing so you can start blogging and can make money online with blogging. To start blogging you need to have a blog website where you will post your content. Nowadays a lot of people are making an online blog and working hard to drive traffic on their blog. So, that they can make money with their blog. It’s not very difficult to drive traffic on the blog nowadays everyone is connected with the internet. People find all information on google whatever they need.

make money online with blogging


If you are going to start blogging there are millions of topics from which you can choose and can start writing. For example, you can start a blog about travel, or you can start a blog on social issues, current news or political news is a hot topic you can use this for blogging. Once you choose a niche for blogging after that you just need to put quality content about that niche on your website or blog. With quality content and little bit SEO can drive a large number of audiences to your blog and you can earn handsome money.

Who will give you money for blogging?

After creating a blog and getting some traffic on your blog you can apply for Google’s AdSense program to make money. After reviewing Google will start showing AdSense ads to your audience on your site and on clicking ads google will pay you some commission on every AdSense ad click.

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There are many other partner program is also available through which you can make money.


Please note that you should never click on AdSense ads by yourself. This act will force Google to ban your AdSense account. So, never click on your own AdSense ads.


According to pro bloggers you just need to work hard on your website and need to create quality content on your blog. This will generate a huge number of daily visitors on your site and you will make money online with your blog. If you are proving quality and worth reading content then you will earn money.

Method #3 – Make Money Online with Freelancing

Nowadays freelancing is growing very fast. Skilled persons are quitting their jobs and starting freelancing and making money from it. With freelancing, you can make money from the comfort of your home by providing services on freelance market places. There are 101 freelance money-making websites that connect a service provider to buy from any part of the world.


To start making money with freelancing, you need to learn a particular skill and you need to be master in it. If you become master of that skill so after that create an account on freelancer websites like, Fiverr, up work, iFreelance,, and many other sites are there that allow a service provider to connect with buyers. Create your profile on these freelance market places and start making money online.

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Things to consider before starting Freelancing

Before starting freelancing following are the important thing that you should keep in your mind to become a successful freelancer.

  1. Make your profile and describe your skill
  2. Make a portfolio and put it on your profile
  3. Learn how to bid effectively
  4. Learn how to communicate with buyers
  5. Be humble with your clients
  6. Find the best time of bidding if you live in Subcontinent

Do you know there are over 54 million freelancers in the USA, so keep in mind your chances for a successful online career is very bright? Learn skills with full focus become master and offer your services with confidence to make money online. I hope you will work hard and will make money with these 3 proven ways to earn money online.