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Langoors on Airport in India

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Langoors on the runway of Ahmedabad Airport in India

In the Indian state of Gujrat’s capital, Ahmedabad airport runway has been seized by langoors. The airport administration took an interesting step to get rid of those langoors.

According to media reports the airport administration took various steps to run away those langoors from airport premises but they failed. The langoors on Sardar Patel Airport in Ahmedabad cause a disturbance in aviation operation. Due to this, the airport administration remains worries.

After trying so many tricks the airport staff finds a unique way to runaway those langoors from the airport. The idea was given by Wildlife officer and it works very well. The airport administration put some of its employees in a bear costume and ask them to walk around the runway. They also put loudspeakers to produce the bear’s voice so that the langoors will get scared and ran away from the Airport’s runway.

Airport director Manoj Gangal said that there are a large number of langoors on the runway of the airport. He said that we don’t want to kill them but they can become a major threat to passengers in flight. He said that the langoors were entered in airport premises last year & due to this they prevented two flights from landing. Manoj also said that we have postponed more than ten flights because of these langoors.