7 Best Ways to Improve Your Website Design

How to improve Website Design? Apart from having an automated virtual assistant in the form of a website survey tool, you will be able to determine the kind of issues that customers find on your site. From utilizing white space to making sure your site is free from 404 errors, here are some of the ways to improve your site’s design.

Make Use of White Space

White space is essential to good web design. They make your content more legible and at the same time allow readers to focus on the elements that surround the main text. According to research, white space increases the user attention rate by almost 20%. Apart from the statistics and the psychology of white space, it also enables your web to look more open and fresher. It is best to Improve Website design.

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It is easier for the eyes in terms of viewing and reading. The only downside of white space is the amount of web interface it takes. With that, ensure proper use by determining which texts need white space. For instance, limit the use of white space if you want to include plenty of content above the fold. The key is to determine the necessary information the fold must consist of and include white spaces to effectively highlight the image or text.

Optimize Site Speed

For site visitors, a slow loading site is one of the most frustrating experiences when searching online. Regardless of the content you produce, the kind of business you have as well as the products and services you offer, having a fast loading site should enable you to increase your user retention rate. Meaning, readers and site visitors will not leave your website due to the loading speed.

An extra five seconds of page load time increases your website’s bounce rate. This rate determines the percentage of single-page visits or web sessions. For instance, a user searches for the best website survey tool. Normally, internet users will choose the first site that appears on top. Once they fail to find the particulars they need from the landing page of your site, there is a higher chance that they will click back and browse no further. This is exactly what the bounce rate displays.

Write Powerful CTAs

Call to Action (CTA) determines whether a reader will convert into a customer or not. These calls to action can be text, graphics, autoplay videos, or a combination of two. These are visual cues that users use to determine the importance and relevance of a website to them.

When creating buttons and options for your website, make sure to consider color psychology. Just like your logo, your website is part of your branding. No matter the usability, and product or service proposition you display, not having an optimized website should ruin your company’s reputation and branding. Especially today wherein everything and anything is already digitized.

Utilize Hyperlink Differentiation

Visual cues are necessary elements of a website. This allows users to focus on the important parts, buttons, and options of your site. With that in mind, make sure to incorporate the appropriate visual cues for the links that you incorporate on your site. It can be as simple as underlining the text and changing the font color. Conventionally, the most used color for hyperlinks is blue.

In addition to the color and the style, using longer link titles should also enable readers to identify the content of the link they are about to click. Putting yourself in the shoes of the users should allow you to recognize the parts of a website that make them feel skeptical.

Use High-quality Images

Today, it is not just “use images wisely”, it is transformed to “use high-quality images wisely”. Users today are faster at judging websites through their design, aesthetics, and content. While stock photos are easy and free to use, personalizing your images should increase the readers’ confidence towards your brand. Avoid using generic stock photos as this can decrease trust.

The level of consumer confidence changes when they see a human touch on your website. For instance, use a photo of your employees working instead of a stock photo that shows a picture of a stranger. While it is true that stock photos can be high-quality, these fail to create a strong connection between you and your site’s visitors.

Fixed 404 and Other Errors

A website with no unknown 404s or broken links is one that is maintained regularly. Take note that your site might have links that are not working anymore, especially if it has been around for quite some time. With that, it is necessary to evaluate your site, from the landing page down to the bottom links found at the footer. More importantly, track the sites you use as a link for previous posts and pages. There are plenty of tools for checking broken links. Make sure to find one that best suits your site.

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For larger and older websites, having your own SEO spider should enable you to automatically scan your site for broken links. There are software and applications that will help you check faster and more efficiently.

Key Takeaway

Combine and implement some of the ways to improve your site design like using a website survey tool and at the same time use white space, engaging headlines, and personalized high-quality images. Learn your SEO today to gain knowledge on how to increase the UI and UX of your website.

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