What are the new rules regarding marriage in the UK?

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By John Wick

There are around 2, 50, 000 weddings in the UK each year at a cost of ten billion pounds. But this time the events have been devastated by the global coronavirus epidemic.

People are worried that if their marriage is annulled or they are thinking of postponing it, what their rights are. How much can they be reimbursed after booking?

So is marriage allowed in such a situation?

So far, marriages have only been possible under extraordinary circumstances. Prime Minister Boris Johnson banned wedding ceremonies during the March 23 lockdown and it is still in force. However, the government is now looking into whether it can start allowing small-scale weddings in England.

It may begin in June, but large-scale wedding ceremonies may be allowed later. Wedding ceremonies are also not allowed in Scotland and Wales.

Only couples in Northern Ireland are currently allowed to marry, one of whom is seriously ill. And from June 8, only 10 people will be able to attend an event outside the home.

Some English councils have also asked for permission to marry. However, permission will only be granted if one of the couples seeking marriage is ill.

What should you do if you are getting married?

If your wedding can’t take place or you think it will be very different from what you thought, then it is better to postpone it instead of canceling it. Set another date and ask the person arranging it at your preferred location if it will be possible for them.

Counsel Henrietta Dunkley says the couple “needs to understand what the wedding venue is like and what the current arrangements are for.” She specializes in resolving disputes herself and her own wedding is expected in August.

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Many wedding halls and organizers have suffered heavy losses. She says conflicts should be resolved in a way that benefits everyone.

For example, if your wedding was supposed to take place on a Friday or Saturday or during the season and now it has been postponed but the wedding hall people are not giving you a new date of your choice, it would be better if you have a reasonable reduction in money. Talk about or ask for a better service.

What if I want to cancel the wedding arrangements?

In principle, if your wedding was to take place at a time when they were banned and you no longer want to postpone it, you have the right to a full refund.

The Competition and Markets Authority says that in most cases:

  • A business forbids you
  • Lockdown means the business cannot provide you with the service
  • You cannot hold the function due to lockdown

An exception is the costs a business has incurred on your behalf already, such as a wedding meal tasting or a dress fitting.

As a result, the wedding hall or administrator can keep all or part of your booking money. But according to the Consumer Rights Act, in this case, they have to give details of all expenses.

Things can get complicated if you are getting married and you are technically allowed to have this ceremony. Read instructions for canceling or changing the date or event in small print in your contract with a business. Then ask them what services they can provide.

Under consumer rights law, rules that are no longer applicable can be considered unfair. Of course, if you have already supported them. The amount paid for a booking is a small fraction of the total cost, which is often ‘not refundable’.

Can I get marriage insurance?

Often, marriage insurance does not include a ‘government act’ requirement. So it is difficult to make up for the loss of marriage due to lockdown.

Some marriage insurance companies are compensating in certain circumstances. John Lewis, for example, has said that she will compensate if you can’t get married because of hardships.

And you can tell them that you have tried to get your money back from the wedding hall and the organizers.

Most companies are no longer selling new marriage policies. So it applies to existing agreements.

If not, you can apply to the administration for a refund or with the help of a credit card company to get a refund from a supplier who did not provide the service. Section 75 of the Consumer Rights Act states: If you have paid with a debit card, you can get a refund from the chargeback scheme.

Can a wedding hall charge more for postponing a wedding?

No business is allowed to take advantage of the global epidemic. That means they can’t raise prices at will.

Legal experts say some couples say Hall is asking for more money after the wedding has been postponed, and this is more than the price they are asking new customers. It cannot be considered appropriate.

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However, he said that the cost of the celebrations in 2021 will be higher than before because of inflation. This means that the prices of goods and services will have gone up. This can increase their costs.

The British government has set up a task force to investigate allegations of profiteering during the global epidemic. Consumers can fill out a form if they think a business has done them a disservice. Some insurance companies may pay you back if you are ‘caught’ with your contract.