What Is Love in Marriage

You all have grown up having a childhood dream aligned with wonderful feelings with your loved ones and wait for your beloved to love you back. There are movie scenes full of love and romance between husband and wife, when two couples fall in love they usually say things like, “I love you” or “I want you.” This is fine and common. But true love in marriage focuses more on meeting the needs of the spouse and not greedily filling our own wish. In Punjabi families after the first step taken of love, the next step comes into picture is Punjabi shadi, falling in love is just the beginning.

Those of us who are in relations or marriages for a couple of years now, do have companions or spouses or partners in your life that we love and care for deeply. If the answer is YES, you are fortunate. If the answer is NO, matrimonial sites in Punjab would turn your No into Yes.

You can keep the fire burning of love with them, considering love as essential in marriage has enhanced the importance of marriage, making it a topmost priority in our lives. For many years in which love is not top priority has become alarmingly central for many couples, and compromising with love has become a major concern.

  • Marriage is a framework of living covered by the love that makes important factors of a successful marriage.
  • Passionate attachment is a relatively short-term experience in married lives, and so the long-term aspects of marriage are love which holds greater importance than anything.

We are all aware that love and passion are two very different things. We also understand that love is not just a sensation. Love is a promise — a commitment. It is the action of mindfully choosing the decision to devote yourself and your energies to make your married life happy. Love in marriage makes life beautiful.

Companionate love is described as the love in Punjabi shadi that compassionate love is based on mutual attraction, friendship, respect, shared interests, and concern for one another’s well-being. This is a true culture of a Punjabi wedding. It always seems as exciting and passionate love but it is a central aspect of a satisfying and long-lasting relationship.

Since many people wrongly associate only romantic feelings with love; in long-term relationships like marriage, we may start to feel what happened to our heady sentiments of love. Living together involves doing numerous finance chores, paying bills, going to work, finishing to-do lists, etc. None of these are individually known to encourage feelings of romance or passionate love between couples.

How does love grow in a marriage?

That’s the alchemy remedy in long-term relationships: Love grows by knowing, understanding, and sharing with our partners. For example, if a wife and husband go for a ride and have a cup of coffee, they may not surely feel an extreme emotional reaction as they could be experienced in the ‘love’. Alternatively, they could have enjoyed the time spent together in love and generated a deeper emotional intimacy by getting to learn more about their partner through their deep conversation.

Thus, your efforts every day to know our partners could lead both of the partners to greater and greater levels of emotional, physical, financial, intellectual, recreational, and spiritual intimacy.

Matrimonial sites in Punjab take care of people living outside India and looking for traditional notions of Punjabi shadi in India and also care when it comes to vast requests for perfect mates for established NRI people. Balance concerns the desire for the celebration of tradition and has that allows easy access for the NRI people to search their love and celebrate their marriage traditionally.

Love is more than a word in marriage

Marriage means handing over yourself beside love means handling your future, your body, keeping promises to the one whom you love although in married life this lovable person may remain stranger for many years. This tremendous act of faith loving a stranger in arrange marriage is something that can unlock in love marriage.

Many married couples through matrimonial sites in Punjab love each other compassionately, joyfully, passionately and generously, and with a hope that no one guessed was even there before the wedding. A deeply and happily satisfying marriage comes from giving yourselves to each other. Sacrificing yourself is another name of love in marriage.

Be open to relationships

As we get older, it is more difficult to search for someone, so let’s stop being so selfish and handover this job to experts in matrimony. If you are based solely on money your expectations lie with money to your partner –you are missing out. Having someone to be in an open relationship and who will be there for you in all bad times and having someone who is friendly, thoughtful trumps a person” s love in marriage.

Checking Sense of humor

Identify things that make your partner laugh. If he/she thinks a tom and jerry is funny and you don’t, it surely will not get funnier for you 10 years from now. It’s an easy test of whether your world aspects align or not.

The “in-love feeling” is important

You have to have a strong feeling that a relationship is right for you, the gut-level sense is required that your partner is the person you always want to be with. Committing to Punjabi shadi and to fulfill those commitments on time “in-love feeling” is important. Look deep into yourself and find your “in-love feeling” within you and communicate with your partner.

Physical attraction is important

To be physically attracted to your partner, don’t make the misconception of looking like a movie-star handsome or go for cosmetic surgery. To make love successful in marriage physical attraction is important, it means managing a healthy weight and looking good and attractive as you can.


Building forever loves in marriage may require planning our efforts and time. You can also explore your own beliefs about love and apply the same ultimately will nourish you and your relationships marriage, you could talk it over with a counselor also.


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