India: Couple commits suicide after delay in marriage due to lockdown

The couple committed suicide after being frustrated by the ongoing nationwide lockdown in India.

According to Gulf News, the bodies of 22-year-old Pendur Ganesh and 20-year-old Soyam Seethabai were found in a field some distance from their residence in the Indian state of Telangana.

In this regard, the police said that due to the lockdown, both the families had postponed the wedding ceremony on which the couple was depressed. Police said the bodies of the two were shifted to a hospital for autopsy. Police were unable to say how they died, but they registered a case and launched an investigation.

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It should be noted that the lockdown was imposed in Telangana on March 22, due to which thousands of marriages were canceled.

While the lockdown has led to reports of increased violence against women and children in many countries, divorce rates have also risen in many countries.

A similar incident took place in the Indian state of Bihar, where a man had married his ex-girlfriend due to constant loneliness.

According to the Indian news web Deccanherald, a man in Pali Ganj, a small town in Patna district of Bihar state, got remarried after his wife got stuck at her parent’s house during a lockdown.

Meanwhile, there were reports of couples getting married online due to lockdown.

Najaf Naqvi, 28, of Telangana, and Fariya Sultan, 25, of Karnataka, were scheduled to get married on April 5 this month, but the lockdown made it difficult to hold the wedding, but they got married online.

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