How to Make Money With Content Writing?

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By John Wick

There are many different types of websites on the Internet that are visited by millions of readers every day. These websites are unique and bizarre news, health and fitness, useful advice, and tips for those who need new and interesting information to present to their readers all the time.

This is important so that the number of visitors does not decrease, and they spend more time on this website. So all the websites are looking for people who can create quality content for them.

Writing such interesting articles is called ‘Content Writing’. Such people are well paid by website owners. In Pakistan, as in the rest of the world, content writing is done both as a full-time job and as a freelancer.

What do Content Writers Do?

Content writer is a person who specializes in creating articles according to the theme of a website. Each website has its own specific readership, so it is the responsibility of the content writer to tailor the content to the interests and needs of his readers.

Most of the readers of websites come from search engines (Google etc.). Therefore, for content writers to be successful, it is important to organize the article/content in such a way that it is clearly visible in search engines so as to increase the number of readers. For this purpose, special attention is paid to the keywords according to the content.

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How much does he get paid?

In the case of a full-time job in Pakistan, his salary starts from Rs. 18,000 to Rs. 20,000 per month. There are always opportunities for people who specialize in English essay writing and the art.

Content writing can also be done part-time or at home/freelancing. It is viewed per word or per article instead of monthly. International clients are currently paying between 5$ to 150$ per article. Remember that most of the work of freelancers come from abroad, and it is much better than working full time.

The difference between content writing and print media writing

In traditional print newspapers and magazines, essay writing, column writing, feature story work, etc., and content writing are almost identical. But since the medium (method of expression) of the two is different, there are some differences between the two.

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Online readers read the article more closely, online articles are not longer, instead of writing an event/news/article twice, the link to the article is given. The paragraph is short and the article is divided into sections.

What are the important things to keep in mind in content writing?

Be sure to consider the basic points (language, writing style, grammar, etc.) that are essential for essay writing. The highest compensation is paid to articles that are free of language and expression errors. Since most people don’t stay on websites, it’s important to keep your article short and concise. Readers usually read more articles with five hundred to one thousand words.

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If the article is a little longer than that, it is quite possible that those who read it in its entirety will be as many as counting on their fingers. Never include someone else’s content in your article without their permission. One is that it is immoral and the other is that it is a violation of copyright. Keep in mind that such a move cannot be hidden much. Advertising companies and search engines can easily detect this and give this website a negative rating.

What skills are required?

Content writing is basically a brainstorming job, it doesn’t require a lot of technical skills. To succeed in this field, you must have knowledge in your writing, which requires extensive study and maturity in thought.

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You may want to compose for content writing because handwritten writing is not accepted online. In addition, you should be familiar with the basic technicalities of computers and the Internet, including the effective use of search engines and social media.

Where can I get content writing work?

If you are looking for a Content Writer job, look for newspapers and job websites. By the way, most of the content writing work is done as a freelancer, meaning you work from home instead of going to an office.

There is a huge demand for content writing inside Pakistan and abroad. Currently, thousands of women and men from all over the world, not only in Pakistan but also in India and Bangladesh, are involved in this field and are earning hundreds to thousands of dollars every month based on their ability and experience.

There are two ways to find a freelance job. First of all, create some content of your choice and post it on a free blog site. Then contact the websites you mean and submit a sample of your work to them in the form of a link to this blog site.

In addition, work can be found through middleman websites. These websites receive their commission from the bill after the work is completed by both the provider and the employer. But their service is so excellent that people happily pay the commission. Popular websites such as Upwork, Guru, Freelancer, 99 Designs, and Fiverr.

Where to learn content writing?

The art of content writing is basically essay writing, and if you are good at essay writing, you only need to know a few things. Numerous videos on this topic are available on YouTube, while the Virtual University Pakistan course on the topic of feature writing is available online for free.

Everything that is necessary for feature writing is also necessary for content writing. Spending time on this course can hone your skills. Not only that, but there is more information available on the internet that you can take advantage of to earn a decent income from content writing at home.