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8 Proven Ways to Earn Money by Digital Marketing

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By John Wick

Those days have gone where earning money was limited to only a day job. The World Wide Web has an overabundance of opportunities where one can start earning money online. Google is no longer a fancy hub of data instead of a platform where you can earn more bucks. The Internet has come up with many other platforms like Instagram, Facebook, email, WordPress, etc where you can earn money every minute.

Many established bloggers and entrepreneurs have already given a fair chance to these methods and have adapted these techniques as a primary source of income. You will also find some college-goers earning while learning, and meeting their expenses from their own pocket.

Before we start with all 8 proven ways to earn money by digital marketing, it is crucial to understand how it works!

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Digital Education is not a shortcut to fill your pocket, it’s a complete pack of skills and knowledge. The more you learn and the more you practice it, you become more and more skillful. By implementing those skills you are likely to earn online income. You can learn the best SEO training in Delhi and earn money online.

Here, I am sharing various lucrative ways to earn money digitally :

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Generate money through Social Media

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are the most powerful tools to reach the majority, here you can target a specific audience of your particular niche. Being an admin of a group, you can charge a heavy amount for sponsored posts or running an Instagram page with a huge number of followers who can easily charge for shootouts.

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Using Instagram with a pretty good number of followers you can work as an Instagram influencer and can charge up to 20000 rupees per post. In the world of videos, YouTube plays a very important role with 2 billion users worldwide and also serves its users with a great opportunity to earn money.

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Earn as a freelancer

While working as a freelancer you can follow your passion or you can use your skill to make money. Here you can turn your knowledge into money. If you are blessed with the internet and a laptop you are all set to go. There is the bounty of sites like Upwork, freelancer, and Fiverr where you can find clients who are ready to pay ranges from $5 to $500.

Affiliate Programs

Bloggers who love to write reviews make more money using affiliate programs. This is the main source of income for bloggers. Readers or any consumer searching for a product find valuable information and link at the same time at the same place. They find it more convenient to order the product in just one click while consuming the content also.

Each product gives you some percentage as a commission on every sale; this is how the affiliate mechanism works. Higher the product cost higher the commission if you want your user to visit your website again and again it is better to write genuine reviews.

Website Design

Website designing requires some creativity. If a person can design a website from scratch and maintain it in a noticeable manner he is very close to making money by selling ad space on it. Here, is a list of ways to use the website to generate money:

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  • Sell your own product
  • Sell e-books
  • Lead generation for other businesses
  • Selling service
  • Consultation fees
  • Run ads
  • Flip your website on high price etc

There are no of many other ways to generate money using a website. The designer is supposed to keep updating the website with new trends. In this way, one can easily make money from the comfort of home.

Sell photos online

If you own a professional camera or a DSLR and always love to click photos then the ball is in your court. Congrats, where your photos are going to roll up worldwide which will ultimately help you in making more bucks. Sell photos online on websites like iStock photos, SmugMug, Flick Collection, etc.

Create mobile application

The cost of creating an application is not much and online service leaves a huge profit margin. A brilliant idea can turn a mango into juice and can easily be sold at 4 times higher cost, this is a powerful online platform. Google play store and the Apple store have ample opportunities. All you need is to become Digital Pro.

Content Marketing

Content marketing used to create and publish free content online with the aim of advertising a certain product or service. It acts as a bridge of material of information between consumer and seller. If you have a strong grip in writing this is one of the ways on how you can establish visitors of customers and can get paid on the basis of your content.

Here, content is not necessarily in the form of writing it can be in Infographic, video content, blogs, graphic content, podcast content, etc. While producing any content you should be able to understand the diversity of the product. Content should be presented in the layman language.

Become a digital consultant

You have mastered the core of digital marketing, nothing can stop to succeed. The world is full of opportunities, you can start mentoring new companies and consult them in online marketing strategies. Many big consultants in the market earn up to 5000 rupees per hour just by suggesting them with new trends and right online marketing strategies.


Now we have discussed above with some ultimate ways to earn money online. You have become a well-furnished person with all techniques and different ways to earn from the comfort of your home. The Internet era has brought many new opportunities and it is the fastest growing industry with huge scope.

All you are required is to enhance your digital marketing skills to an advanced level, for that you can join the digital marketing course in Delhi.