5 Applications to Make the Best Free Poster in 2020

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Free Poster Designer: Do you have a myriad of activities to promote? Want it in the form of school activities, offices, for competitions, to create a personal online shop, all you can do easily using the application to make the following best poster.

Posters become one of the most effective media for conveying information, both for the purpose of marketing a product or service, to the needs of public information. Moreover, in an age of fast-paced digital, how to create a poster has become more comfortable and more practical. Simply use the software. 

Whatever your needs, posters are the right choice to deliver a message to your target market and the general public. Therefore, you must use the right poster maker application to be able to attract the attention of the viewer. This time we present some of the best recommendations for making poster applications that you can get for free. Check out the 5 best free online poster designers.


How to Use DesignCap

Next in the list of application recommendations to make the best poster that you can access for free is DesignCap. Create dream designs and realize your creativity easily and practically using this online -based application.

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DesignCap offers the power of professional design tools that you can use to create beautiful posters in no time. Not only sign, you can also use DesignCap to visually design flyers, infographics, banner, until the invitation tablets.


  • Free and large templates library 
  • Easy setup and settings 
  • Web-based
  • Powerful design tools
  • Customizable elements 

Now, you can immediately start making beautiful poster designs easily and for free in no time.

2: Coreldraw


Do not want to miss from Adobe Spark; the application makes the following poster is the main rival software made by Uncle Sam’s country, CorelDRAW. Who is not familiar with the designer’s mainstay of this application?

Various kinds of graphic design needs can be done with satisfactory results using this air balloon logo software. Want to create a logo, invitation design, CV, banner, Instagram feed, to various types of posters, certainly with CorelDRAW.


  • Font filtering and search
  • LiveSketch tool
  • Enhanced vector previews, handles, and nodes
  • Prominent interactive sliders
  • Corel Font manager
  • Gaussian blur 

3: Canva


You want to make a poster ciamik, but not good at making the graphic design? I want to use CorelDRAW or Adobe Spark but instead, get confused with the appearance of a complicated interface. Take it easy, Canva is here to help your anxiety.

This one million poster application is indeed well known as a multifunctional design tool specifically targeting the lay user market with minimal design skills. Now, you can take advantage of a variety of free tools and beautiful poster templates that can be customized according to your needs.


  • Hundreds of beautiful templates that you can use for free
  • The user interface is very simple and very practical, even for beginners
  • Available on various platforms, from web pages to mobile applications
  • Text to photo converter
  • Wireframe Web
  • Stickers, textures, badges, & free icons
  • Photo enhancer

4: Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark - 5 Applications to Make the Best Free Poster in 2020

As a leading player in the affairs of visual design software, Adobe is present as one of the best posters making applications available for free through Adobe Spark.

By using this software, you can create posters, video and web page creations via a computer or mobile device with the iOS operating system. The main advantage offered by Adobe Spark is how to use it super easy and can be used by anyone.


  • A wide selection of beautiful typography for the various types of designs you need
  • A professional theme with a variety of layouts, colors, and fonts
  • Texture and Transparency Editor
  • Quick font searching, to simplify the process of finding the type of font you want 
  • Iconic imagery lets you choose thousands of photos from the web or private collections such as Adobe Creative Cloud, Lightroom CC, Dropbox, or Google Photos

5: PiktoChart


The first infographic application on this recommendation list is PiktoChart. This infographic program is designed to be used by anyone, especially targeting novice designers and people who are not new to the world of design.

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Tools in the application are very easy to use, along with a wide selection of templates that are customizable. You can choose from a number of formats available, including traditional infographic sizes (tall and slim), presentation slides, posters, and reports.

Now, you can immediately start making beautiful poster designs easily and for free in no time. This is one of the best Free Poster Designer.