Tips and Tricks to Speed up Internet Speed

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Due to the coronavirus outbreak, Billions of people around the world have been restricted to homes. So, it has become very important to ensure a fast and reliable internet for office work and other purposes.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, internet traffic has increased significantly. But, it has become so much higher than usual that, YouTube, Netflix, and other streaming services have reduced the default video quality so that bandwidth usage can be reduced.  Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, 50% of Facebook traffic has increased.

In this regard, the British Media regulator has released a list of some useful tips and tricks that can help people ensure faster internet access at home.

The following are tips that can help you speed up your internet speed.

1: Use your landline or Wi-Fi calls if you can

As a result of being restricted to the home. Many people are making calls all day with mobile data. Ofcom recommends using a landline (if available) for this purpose or various services over the Internet such as Skype, Facetime or WhatsApp. Some phones and providers also offer Wi-Fi calling options that can be enabled in the phone’s settings.

2. Move your router clear of other devices

According to Ofcom, card-equipped phones, dimmer switches, stereos, computer speakers, TVs, and monitors can affect sub-WiFi when they are too close to the router.

3. Do not place the router on the floor

Ofcom has suggested that keeping the router on the table or shelf rather than on the floor, placing it on the floor may affect the signal.

4: Do not use the microwave

Yes, it would be hard to believe but microwaves also affect Wi-Fi speed because they operate at the same frequency when the microwave is powered on, so if something important to do online, keep the microwave off.

5: Disconnect unused devices over Wi-Fi

Ofcom also said that devices such as tablets and smartphones can have a negative impact on Wi-Fi even when not it use. Turn off these devices or increase bandwidth by disconnecting from Wi-Fi.

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6: Use an Ethernet Cable

Using Wi-Fi connect your router to your computer directly with an Ethernet cable. Ethernet cable will stable your internet speed. It is best for reliable and faster connection.

7: Plug your router directly into your main phone socket

When the router is plugged into the phone socket. It is best not to use the phone extension, as this affects Internet speed.