How to Download PUBG Mobile without Internet?

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PUBG, which is played on smartphones and computers, is setting new records of popularity worldwide. Due to the popularity of PUBG, Mobile phone makers have also announced the introduction of standard-priced smartphones that will fully support the game. The company periodically introduces new updates for gamers such as seasons, maps, weapons, and other features so that users can play PUBG as they wish.

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PUBG can be download from Google or Apple play store. The file size of PUBG is almost 1.8 GB. If someone uses mobile data to download this game so it is wasting a lot of mobile data. In this article, we will tell you that how can you download PUBG mobile without using any internet connection.

However, the experts have now find the solution of downloading PUBG mobile without the internet in a short time. According to experts, anyone can download the latest version of PUBG mobile without the Internet.


Here is the easy method to download PUBG mobile without the internet.

First of all transfer PUBG mobile from your friend’s phone to your phone.
For quick sharing, you can use android apps such as Shareit, Zapya, or EasyShare.
The game will be transferred on your phone in the APK file. After that go to the file manager of your phone and find the folder in which you have transferred a game from your friend’s phone. Now click on the file and it will ask you some permission. Go to settings to allow permission and install it. The PUBG mobile will start downloading on your phone without the internet. That’s it!