7 PUBG Mobile Tips & Tricks for Easy Chicken Dinner

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Learn how to get an easy chicken dinner on PUBG mobile which sets new records in the world of games. Here in this article, we will tell you 7 PUBG mobile tips & tricks to help you score a chicken dinner.

1: Perfect Landing & Presence of Mind

If you are playing with Squad so first of all select the perfect place for landing. It is suggested to land with all your teammates. In case of a fight with enemies, it will help you and your team to survive & after finishing enemies you can divide the loot with among your teammates. Further, if you are facing lag problem in PUBG Mobile After landing. You can lag fix on android PUBG Mobile.

Perfect Landing

2: Attack opponents as soon as the gun is found

Keep an eye on enemies while landing. So it will be easy for you to kill your enemies. It is best not to wait for an attack on enemies as soon as you found the gun. Keep in mind if you are playing with the squad so be with your teammates while attacking enemies.

Attack opponents as soon as the gun is found

3: Don’t stand in one place

During games keep you and your teammates in movement. Don’t stand in one place, it is not good to stand in one place. This can help your enemies to easily take a headshot of you. Note that with headshots you will quickly knock out.

Dont stay at one place

4: Stay in Buildings

Keep yourself safe in the house to avoid bullets coming from unknown directions or attack and keep an eye out the windows constantly. You will get the slope of the house, while the opponents will have a rough time in the open field.

Stay in Buildings

5: Use Hand Grenades

If you feel that some enemies are camping in buildings so use hand grenades to knock them out.

Use hand grenades

6: Play PUBG on a Laptop or Computer

Most of the PUBG players play a game on Laptops or Computers. The playing on the big screen is very easy you can easily spot enemies on the big screen so it is best to play on a Laptop or computer to get easily chicken dinner. For playing PUBG mobile on a Laptop there is an official emulator available.

Play PUBG Mobile on Mobile or Computers

7: Laydown in the last zone

In the end, you should need to lay down in the grass. By this, it will be difficult for enemies to find you. When zone start closing enemies will try to enter into the zone and will run so you can easily kill them.

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Lay down in last zone

Above 7 PUBG mobile tips and tricks will help you to get easily chicken dinner in PUBG.