WhatsApp launches Dark Mode for both iPhone and Android

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WhatsApp, the largest messaging app for mobile, brings great news to users. According to details, WhatsApp introduces the Dark Mode feature for general users, which can benefit users using Android and iPhone. The WhatsApp Dark Mode feature will darken the background, which will dim the mobile light (Brightness) and allow the user’s mobile battery to last longer than before.

Keep in mind that the Dark Mode feature was initially introduced by WhatsApp for the beta version, but now ordinary users will be able to use the feature as well. If the Dark mode is enabled in the phone then the app will automatically switch to the Dark Mode, the new theme for Android 9 mobile phones will have to be enabled from the Application training menu. You may also like this: Types of Mobile App Industries

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During the test, we found that the combination of pure black and white creates more controversy, which can lead to eye fatigue, the Watts administration said.

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So instead you will see a special dark brown background and white color that diminishes the brightness of the screen, dazzling the chakra and contrast and reading ability. They made it clear that the iOS service will be pure black and will show a darker gray color on Android Functions, the purpose of which is to reduce the amount of tension in the user’s eyes using the platform.