How LinkedIn can help you in getting a job?

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By John Wick

Why can’t I get a job?

If you have completed your education and are not getting a suitable job after that, there are two possible reasons. First, it may be related to the situation in the country, good governance, and the job market. Now it is not possible to fix these conditions individually. They can only be commented on and discussed. And that’s it!

But the second reason for unemployment or not getting a better job is related to individual attitudes, which can be corrected. Unemployment makes it possible to get a job and get a better job.

The need for relationships

Unemployment or the lack of further development during the job is a problem that requires a good degree, experience, skills in your job, communication skills, besides what is needed are good “links“.

It has often been observed that people who have more contact with successful people get jobs or promotions faster, even if they have less technical skills. Their “links” remove all weaknesses. Therefore, good relationships are very important for getting a job or promotion.

How to build better relationships?

Establishing good relationships with successful people through traditional methods is a very difficult task and maintaining these relationships is even more difficult. For this, you have to be “ready to sacrifice” at all times. These include the sacrifice of time, money, energy, and family life. Despite all the sacrifices, there is no guarantee that the person will work for you.

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What to do then?

What can all those who can’t or don’t want to do with traditional “successful” people do for development? Such people should do their self-marketing, that is, highlight their strengths more.

How to do self-marketing or personal advertising?

Now the question that often arises in the minds of friends is how do I advertise myself? Personal advertising is not a good thing, it will reduce my prestige, and people will think I am hungry for fame. No, nothing like that will happen.

We will try to inform you about some of the methods of personalized advertising through social media instead of the traditional way, so that your qualities will reach only those people who need to know them.

There are many platforms on social media from which you can advertise and build relationships, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. But if you want to advertise your job and establish a relationship, then all the most effective platform is LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Introduction

LinkedIn is a social media network for these jobs, LinkedIn has been working for people since 2003. 690+ Millions are currently regular members around the world. Most people use “LinkedIn” to establish professional relationships because the main purpose of “LinkedIn” is business networking. “LinkedIn” allows its members to connect with other people on the platform.

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Thanks to LinkedIn, you can quickly connect with people in your field and industry. The basic version of LinkedIn is free with no fee but there is also a premium version that has a regular fee. This paid version is generally preferred by the heads of corporations and CEOs of companies.

Why “LinkedIn”, isn’t the traditional CV effective?

Is a CV typed in traditional Microsoft Word ineffective? Yes, because nowadays HR managers of most large companies do not give much importance to the traditional CV because they know that the CV was not prepared by the candidate himself but was prepared in a net club.

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For companies, however, finding a competent person out of a large number of existing CVs is a difficult step. Therefore, in recent years, like the rest of the world, the number of jobs in Pakistan through “LinkedIn” has increased. Because the recruitment specialists of corporations have the ability to find the right candidate more quickly and efficiently through “LinkedIn”.

A few tips for effective use of LinkedIn

  • Set the address of your LinkedIn profile so that it can be easily found by search engines. Make your profile address different or unique to make it easier for people to find you among your peers, such as entering a city name with a name so that your name becomes unique.
  • Write your career information briefly but comprehensively. Try not to exceed three hundred words.
  • Be sure to mention in the introductory paragraph the field in which you wish to work. For example, “I want to work as a webmaster.”
  • Most people only mention their current job in the profile. Mention all your previous jobs so that your experience/skills can be better assessed.
  • Work well on your profile with confidence. This is a difficult task. But the harder you work on your profile, the better your chances of getting a job. Keep in mind that the interview call for you will be decided by looking at your profile.
  • So calm down, take a day or two, and list all your strengths.
  • Mention your skills and abilities.
  • Describe all your professional skills. For example, if you belong to “Architecture” then you will write in your technical skills designing, estimating and expenses, supervisory, site organization, model making, auto cad etc. The point is, make sure you mention all the skills you have.

Recommendation on profile

Find at least three to five successful people who can express their good feelings on your profile. Successful people are in control of almost every single moment of their lives. Try to be the person you have worked within the past. Which means it’s about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well. Such “recommendations” will make your profile more impressive. There are many videos available on YouTube to further improve your LinkedIn profile. Spend your free time on these videos.

Build relationships with professionals

Try connecting with other professionals in your field by completing the LinkedIn profile. Which is very useful. Professional friends can help you get a job in his company.

Don’t think of LinkedIn as any other social media network

Don’t think of LinkedIn as other social media like Facebook, etc. It is a professional network. Only create your professional identity here and never express your religious, ethnic, linguistic, political views, nor try to connect with people who have nothing to do with you or your field. Doing so could also cause your profile to be considered spam (SPAM).