UN report 47 million people worldwide are unemployed

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UN report 47 million people worldwide are unemployed

According to the United Nations Department of Labor’s annual ‘World in Employment and Outlook’ report, 47 million people worldwide are unemployed or small employers The ILO report says 28 million people worldwide are linked to small jobs. The unemployment rate is 13% of the global labor force.

The report also shows that the slowing economy could lead to a decline in jobs, leading to a rise in unemployment, which is expected to increase the number of unemployed this year to 18 million 5 million this year.

According to the World Labor Department, the unemployment rate has remained stable over the past decade, the unemployment rate was 5.4 percent last year, which is unlikely to improve, while deprivation of employment opportunities can lead to social unrest.

On the other hand, ILO chief Guy Ryder said access to better jobs could lead to protests globally, which is a very worrying situation. Rider said living a better life for millions of working people Trouble is, inequality and exclusion are preventing people from getting a better job and a better future.