Countries in the world where internet connection is a fundamental right of citizens

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Countries in the world where internet connection is a fundamental right of citizens

In many countries around the world, Internet service has been included in the list of human rights. What are the countries that not only recognize the basic human rights of the internet but also provide this facility to their citizens?

List of Countries where internet is the fundamental right of every citizen


The Finland government incorporated the Internet into basic rights in 2010 and increased the scope of broadband service over a period of five years, providing 1MB internet service to every citizen.

Costa Rica

The Supreme Court of Costa Rica issued a verdict that incorporated the Internet into fundamental rights. The court ruled that “information, communication is the basic right of every person, so the government should provide this facility to every citizen”. The Internet is provided with the basic rights of the people of Costa Rica after a judicial decision.


Estonia’s government launched a program in 2000 that provided Internet service to the whole country as a basic human right, now providing the Internet as a basic right to every citizen there. Believes that the Internet is one of the most important contemporary needs, so access to every citizen is essential.


The French Supreme Court also acknowledged the fundamental right of internet access and obliged the government to ensure Internet access to all citizens.


In Spain, it is determined that the National Agency of Telangana will guarantee everyone at a reasonable price a broadband service and that they provide at least one megabyte of speed per second Internet service to everyone in the country.