Never search these things on Google

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By John Wick

By the way, the world of the internet is deserted without Google. From automobiles to virtual reality headsets and smart contact lenses, Google has many projects, but its real identity is the search engine.

And everyone searches for something on Google every day, but there are some things that should be avoided. Today we will tell you about some of the things you should never search on Google.

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Here are the 10 things you must never search on google

Things you don’t want to see in the ads later

Maybe for some reason you try to find a cure for diaper rash on Google and if you do that then you should be ready for various advertisements. Every time you open a web page, you may see an ad for your desired search.


It can be quite serious, such as searching on Google for how a weapon is made, etc., even if it is done for entertainment, but security agencies in different countries always track such searches. And your IP address can go to their database.

Symptoms of your disease

The first is that when it comes to medical issues, there are many websites that have the best content available, but searching the internet for symptoms of your disease can be traumatic. If you have a medical problem, do not go to Google, but go to a doctor.

Skin problems

Don’t Google if you have any pimples or blemishes on your face. Doing so will expose you to more information and images that will shake you up. By the way, usually the rash can heal on its own in a few days, however, if there is still a problem, consult a doctor.

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These tiny bugs can certainly ruin a good night’s sleep, but if you’re just trying to find out or see how these bugs spread, don’t do so because their pictures will disturb your sleep.

Lungs of smokers

Most of us are addicted to smoking and often think about the harmful effects of this habit, the internet is full of pictures of diseased lungs of smokers, which you may bother too much.

Your name

It’s no secret that in this age of the Internet, there is no such thing as privacy, if you Google your name. You are more likely to encounter some unpleasant consequences, some of your bad pictures, past information. , Inappropriate content, etc. Since it is not possible for you to delete that content or images, so avoid searching name.

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Something that embarrasses you

People do a lot of searching on Google that may contain content that embarrasses you in front of others. Other than that, you wouldn’t want to see ads suddenly appear on your computer screen that appears as a result of your embarrassing searches.


If you have to search for insects, use specific search terms, otherwise images will appear that can cause a spinal tingling sensation. While mental health can also be affected by these images and information, avoid this type of search altogether.

Are the products safe or not?

Everyone has their own opinion on the internet and many people call themselves masters of every art. So in such a situation if you want to know if a certain thing is better for your skin, digestion, or any other matter then you In some forums on Google, the answer is yes, but not in others. So it is better to consult an expert in this matter.