The Advantages of Doing Online Therapy

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By John Wick

Many know what it is like to be in front of a psychologist and talk about their problems and difficulties. But when I say that I am serving my customers online, people are amazed. As well? Online? Is it allowed by the psychology board? Yes, it is allowed. In this article, we have to give a review of the advantages of doing online therapy.

And what is an online session like?

It is not difficult to understand how online therapy occurs. The psychologist and the client see each other and talk on the internet. It’s simple.

Online service platforms

The online service sites play the role of the doctor’s office and the secretaries. They make an appointment, charge, and advise the client and psychologist of the scheduled day and time.

The client to register has to register on the website, where he will find information about the psychologist. Your resume, your line of work, and your agenda. Then, choose the day and time that are available on the website and schedule the best time for the client.

The site sends a message to the psychologist stating that he has an appointment, the client’s name, the day and time. Like a secretary.

On the day of the consultation, 15 minutes before the start of the session, both the psychologist and the client receive a link. Upon accessing the link, clients and psychologists make their cameras and microphones available for the 50-minute session. Very practical.

Now let’s talk about the advantages of doing therapy online

Saves travel time

The time saved on the way to the psychologist’s office is already a great advantage. Depending on the city where you live, a lot of time is lost in traffic. Online therapy can be done from home, work, wherever you are. As the advertisement says, you have a psychologist just a click away

More flexible appointment scheduling times

As time is not wasted moving from side to side, the hours that the psychologist offers are more flexible.

The service can be done very early, or after 22:00, at lunchtime, weekend. When the session is over, the person is already at home, or goes back to work, no need to travel and waste precious time. Nowadays time is a precious asset, to fulfill our obligations and to spare for rest and leisure.

Couple therapy

Let’s imagine a couple of therapy sessions. There are 3 agendas here to reconcile. From the psychologist and partners. Online therapy makes it easier because, because it has more accessible times and is done at home, it is easier to reconcile everyone’s schedules. Can you imagine everyone working in one place, at different times, having to meet in another location? This can make it very difficult to schedule a session and the couple misses the chance to undergo therapy.

Difficulty leaving home

Let’s think about those people with mobility difficulties, some kind of disability, or being bedridden. They can do the session without leaving the house. Or those who do not want to leave the house because they are not psychologically well. And those who travel constantly for work. Or those who cannot stay out of the house for a long time, because they are responsible for children, the elderly or sick people. Think about how it makes it easier for them to do therapy from their homes.

People are more comfortable and relaxed in a familiar environment

What you can see in the appointments is that, when doing online therapy at home, the person is more relaxed, feels more comfortable because it is a known place and they feel safer than in an office that, at first, is a strange place for her.

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Many feel uncomfortable in the waiting rooms, in the place where the office is when people and other clients enter and leave. They prefer to keep their privacy.

Access to distant places and several psychologists

Another very good differential is the access to professionals from different places, with different approaches and curricula, with more or less experienced, with more and less accessible prices. What we don’t always find in the places where we live.

Why do therapy

Therapy has been seen as “crazy things” or very unbalanced people. As the access to information is greater today, because of the internet, people feel much more willing to look for a professional, without fear of being labeled crazy.

The reasons why people seek a psychologist are several. Stress. Anxiety. Depression. Concerns. Difficulties of social interaction. Conflicts in the relationship with children, at work, with husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, friends. Sexual problems. Difficulty in dealing with financial life. These are some of the reasons why people seek therapy

People need to face the situation that sometimes they cannot solve their problems on their own, not because they are weak, problematic, unbalanced, but because it doesn’t work. If I have a problem with my body, it is logical that I should see a doctor. Why is it not logical that I should see a psychologist if I have emotional problems?

Effectiveness of online therapy

And the effectiveness of online therapy? Is it as effective as being in the presence of the psychologist? Yes, as long as you choose a trained, interested, experienced professional and feel comfortable sharing your problems with him.

Summing up

Online therapy makes life easier for people and takes therapy to places it would never reach if it weren’t for the internet. It is very good for us to be able to enjoy the modernities of our world. Want something more rewarding than taking psychological care anywhere, anytime?

Helping people to improve their emotional is a major step forward in improving mental health.