Work stress is on the top of the list of mental health problems

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Work stress is on the top of the list of mental health problems

“Do you suffer from stress in the execution of office affairs?” If you are working in a private company or are also employed by a multinational company, the answer to this question is the majority. The affirmation will come.


Because today, in the 21st century, where modern technology has accelerated the pace of work, human beings are under intense stress and work stress in trying to advance themselves in this race, which is why mental “Work stress” is a top priority for health problems.


International investigations show that more than 60% of the population worldwide is suffering from work stress and an estimated $ 26 billion worth of medicines are purchased each year to get rid of it, while As a result of the same work pressure, companies are also facing approximately $ 95 billion in collateral damage.

Work Stress

It should be noted that financial institutions are particularly affected by the work stress of working in banks and securities firms. If stress is not affecting your performance at your office or workplace or you are not feeling energized, you may be terminated from work or you may be at risk for workers.


For those suffering from this condition, this sign requires that immediate remedial efforts be made. There are usually several factors that can cause a workstation. For example, fear of being fired, lack of work or lack of workers, long hours of working in the office, the pressure to meet your boss or client’s expectations, completing work on time that can have a good impact on others, Not having the skills to do your job, etc.


When it comes to symptoms, they include anxiety, anxiety, irritability, sleep apnea, tiredness, lethargy, sleep apnea, sleep apnea, malaise, insomnia, and sleep apnea.

Work Stree is the Cause of Mental health problems

If a person has such symptoms, it clearly means that he or she is prone to stress and stress due to workplace or professional work. Example: Remember to start your day with exercise, the first hour of the day constitutes the next twenty-three hours, so as the sun rises in the morning (it is better to pray with the dawn) and at least read the prayer. Exercise for fifteen to twenty minutes.


There is no need for more arrangements in this regard, as it has been observed that people who are in a more organized cycle are not able to exercise, so it is better to jump some leisurely jumps at one place in the house. Sit back, pre-sit or jump rope for a while.


Although these are fairly simple exercises, they are effective enough that you will notice a significant improvement in a few days. Above all, you’ll be able to arrive at the office or workplace on time.


Be aware of whatever your needs are in the office, and this is possible only when you are aware of your responsibilities.

Plus, you also know what to do and what not to do when you arrive at the office in the morning. Remember, these two points are very important. Even if you work less than your responsibilities, problems will arise and you will also be under pressure to do more, so maintaining a balance in your work is the best strategy.

Avoid conflicts and conflicts, as they can have negative effects on physical and mental health. Generally, office politics causes a lot of stress. And these tentacles are usually small issues and minor differences, which over time become increasingly hostile, or at least cause people to be mentally stressed.

Relax the body, sometimes sitting down to work or the place where work is being done, so uncomfortable that mental stress builds up. It is a fact that even a slight seizure sitting can lead to mental illness. A sir who was a computer operator in a company. He often had pain in his neck and head.


He was advised to lean his chair upwards, keeping his head, neck, and waist straight while working on the computer. They followed this suggestion, then within a few days the headache and discomfort were gone, which was causing them severe fatigue and confusion, so be sure to review the appropriate light and comfort in your seat and place. If appropriate facilities are not available, arrange for them.


Avoid doing too many things at once. It is common in our offices here that the solution to work abuse is figured out to start multiple tasks at once. Keep in mind, working multiple tasks simultaneously never improves performance. ۔

However, the pressure certainly increases, which in turn affects performance. Instead of doing many things together, look for alternative ways to solve them quickly. It may also be advisable to have a close friend or colleague of yours.


٭ If you have prayer and lunch breaks in the office at noon, then use it, because working from nine in the morning to one in the morning is less than a quarter. Doing something else relaxes the mind and body, then restores energy.


Regenerative energy means increased efficiency. But people who don’t take lunch breaks to save time due to overwork, tend to degrade their performance more often and, instead of working more in less time, over time. Only rarely do they work.


Try to listen to a thick speech or audiobook on the way as you approach the office or workplace. Whether you’re traveling by car or on a motorcycle, it’s possible to save audio files on your phone that are informative and thickly detailed. In this way, the mind will be energized and the energy emitted from the traffic noise will also be relieved. Renowned Personal Development Trainer and Author, Robin Sharma in his book “The 5AM Club” named this process “Traffic University”.


If you can avoid travel and not traffic, then convert it to university. Continue the process of learning and improving yourself while living between travel and traffic. There are many other ways and processes that can be overcome by stress and stress. When implemented, there will be a clear reduction in the workstation.