Many parents nowadays often complain that their children do not pay attention to food

Many parents nowadays often complain that their children do not pay attention to food or do not eat one meal at a time.

On the other hand, most parents feed their little ones with mobile phone cartoons so that the child can quietly eat while watching the mobile. Parents are used to children’s smartphones from childhood, which is why children are increasingly using social media. In the current generation, the use of social media has become more and more important, the use of social media especially children and young people.

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We all know that excessive use of social media destroys a person’s health and mind. According to experts, problems with smartphone use begin to develop in children, such as eye problems and mood changes. Similar research has been done by the University of Flinders, Australia, published in the International General and Eating Disorders.


Research has shown that changes in the mood of children who use social media while eating problems have been found. According to research, 51.7% of girls and 45% of boys who use the smartphone more often find eating problems who do not eat often one or two times.


Experts say parents must review how much time their children spend using social media; if children are spending too much time on social media or mobile, they will immediately be able to help children with this addiction. It may be difficult for the parents themselves to go ahead, otherwise, they will be released.

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