Skipping Breakfast is not good for Health

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Skipping breakfast is not good for Health

In the morning, students who go to school often go to school without having breakfast in a hurry, and some children do not want to have breakfast in the morning, but students do not realize that this process affects their performance.

We find it common that going to school without breakfast doesn’t matter, but recent research in the UK has revealed one.

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After research, the experts concluded that children who go to breakfast school in the morning have lower GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary School) grades than those children. School used to have breakfast.

Skipping Breakfast Can Cause serious health problems

Experts said the secondary school students who went to school for breakfast daily had twice the grade of children who came to school without breakfast. The study was conducted by the University Of Leeds, UK, after which experts said that the number of children attending school without breakfast was increasing day by day.


Students in Yorkshire’s schools and colleges surveyed have demanded free breakfast for students at every public school in England. Currently, Charities Magic Breakfast and Family Action in the UK provides breakfast to over 1,800 schoolchildren in socially and economically backward areas, with financial support from the government.

Dr. Katie Adolphus, head of research at the University Of Leeds School Of Psychology, said that our study showed that the brain needs fuel to function and that if students go to school without breakfast, it will be harmful to students. Will cause


Dr. Katie Adolphs added that we have done research before this, which proved that having breakfast can improve the performance of children, which has a positive impact on their test results.

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Experts said that when babies come to breakfast, their body gets all the nutrients it needs to perform better and it helps to understand things faster.