Things to never post on Facebook

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More than 2.6 billion people worldwide use Facebook. But most people are unaware of the fact that Facebook and other popular social media networks collect a lot of personal information from users.

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But it is limited to companies or reaches out to advertising companies, but consumers should refrain from sharing certain things. Some seemingly ordinary posts can cause you problems. Here we have listed some things to never post on Facebook.

Sharing relationship details

Whatever the relationship between you and your spouse, keep it out of the reach of other people, never share anything about it on social media networks and keep personal details to yourself. May lose the trust of close relatives.

Selfie of tragedy occasions

There are some occasions that require dignified behavior, and that is why don’t try to take or share smiling selfies at a funeral, as well as take selfies in holy places like mosques or others.

Illegal actions

Anything that is against the law, such as calling while driving or sharing photos of weapons, etc., can land you in jail.

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Screenshot of a private conversation

The word “private” says that this conversation is private, so why share it on social media? If you do, you may get a lot of likes at once, but then it will not give you any importance or share anything about life with you.

Home address and phone number – Things to never post on Facebook

Always avoid sharing your home address and personal phone number, unless you have a few trusted people added to your profile. If your profile is public and you have a number of strangers, such information Avoid inserting at all costs. If you need it on a social media site, go to Settings and remove it from Public and Friends and restrict it to yourself.

Inappropriate content

Never share immoral content on social media, content shared on the Internet is never deleted, even if you delete it from your profile, because many sites have already saved it, while such Content can also cause legal problems.

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Incorrect information about someone else

You should not use your social media account for revenge and avoid hurting anyone with it. In the current era, the spread of fake information about personalities on social media is on the rise. That is not only morally wrong, but also a crime under the law.

Expressing good wishes to people outside the friend list

If your mom isn’t on the friend list, why not share Mother’s Day One on your profile, why not call mom directly? Similarly, do not send birthday greetings to friends away from social media on social media, but contact them.

Inappropriate comments

Even if you are making a comment in jest, you need to be careful, always choose the words with the reaction of others in mind, and avoid frivolous comments on religion, politics, gender discrimination, and other serious issues. Which leads to controversy.

Complaints about your work

Even if your coworkers don’t have access to your Facebook account, they can find out about your behavior towards your office or boss. So why not be mentally disturbed by your job? Yes, keep it to yourself.

ID documents

Many times people are so happy to get a major driver’s first driving license, that they happily share everything online, but don’t forget that the more personal information you share online, the more you find yourself in danger.

Shopping for expensive gifts and accessories

Various research reports have shown that looking at other people’s expensive items on social media has created a sense of insecurity and failure in us and increases dissatisfaction with life. If you display something expensive on a social media account. Keep in mind that it is an unnecessary display of your emirate and some people may think of stealing it.

Remember that it is almost impossible to completely delete anything you post on social media. And it is not possible for you to know who this information is going to. So be very careful about the posts.

That’s all about the thing to never post on Facebook.